Configuring the BI tool

After you download an ODBC or JDBC driver and give it to your client, you need to provide the information that the BI tool requires to connect to Hive in CDP.

You have downloaded the JDBC or ODBC driver.
  1. Depending on the type of driver you obtain, proceed as follows:
    • ODBC driver: follow instructions on the ODBC driver download site, and skip the rest of the steps in this procedure.
    • JDBC driver: add the driver to the classpath of your JDBC client. For example, check the client documentation about where to put the driver.
  2. In Cloudera Manager (CM), click Clusters > Hive on Tez to go to the Hive on Tez service page.
  3. From the Hive on Tez service page, click Actions and select Download Client Configuration.
  4. Unpack, open the beeline-site.xml file, and copy the value of beeline.hs2.jdbc.url.hive_on_tez. This value is the JDBC URL.
    For example
    jdbc:hive2://;serviceDiscoveryMode=zooKeeper; \
  5. In the BI tool, configure the JDBC connection using the JDBC URL and driver class name, com.cloudera.hive.jdbc.HS2Driver.