Securing Access to Hadoop Cluster: Apache Knox

The Apache Knox Gateway (“Knox”) is a system to extend the reach of Apache™ Hadoop® services to users outside of a Hadoop cluster without reducing Hadoop Security. Knox also simplifies Hadoop security for users who access the cluster data and execute jobs. The Knox Gateway is designed as a reverse proxy.

Establishing user identity with strong authentication is the basis for secure access in Hadoop. Users need to reliably identify themselves and then have that identity propagated throughout the Hadoop cluster to access cluster resources.

Layers of Defense for a CDP Cluster

  • Authentication: Kerberos

    Cloudera uses Kerberos for authentication. Kerberos is an industry standard used to authenticate users and resources within a Hadoop cluster. CDP also includes Cloudera Manager, which simplifies Kerberos setup, configuration, and maintenance.

  • Perimeter Level Security: Apache Knox

    Apache Knox Gateway is used to help ensure perimeter security for Cloudera customers. With Knox, enterprises can confidently extend the Hadoop REST API to new users without Kerberos complexities, while also maintaining compliance with enterprise security policies. Knox provides a central gateway for Hadoop REST APIs that have varying degrees of authorization, authentication, SSL, and SSO capabilities to enable a single access point for Hadoop.

  • Authorization: Ranger

    OS Security: Data Encryption and HDFS