Perform scans using HBase Shell

You can perform scans using HBase Shell, for testing or quick queries.

Use the following guidelines or issue the scan command in HBase Shell with no parameters for more usage information. This represents only a subset of possibilities.

# Display usage information
hbase> scan

# Scan all rows of table 't1'
hbase> scan 't1'

# Specify a startrow, limit the result to 10 rows, and only return selected columns
hbase> scan 't1', {COLUMNS => ['c1', 'c2'], LIMIT => 10, STARTROW => 'xyz'}

# Specify a timerange
hbase> scan 't1', {TIMERANGE => [1303668804, 1303668904]}

# Specify a custom filter
hbase> scan 't1', {FILTER =>, 0)}

# Specify a row prefix filter and another custom filter
hbase> scan 't1', {ROWPREFIXFILTER => 'row2',
                         FILTER => (QualifierFilter (>=, 'binary:xyz')) AND (TimestampsFilter ( 123, 456))}

# Disable the block cache for a specific scan (experts only)
hbase> scan 't1', {COLUMNS => ['c1', 'c2'], CACHE_BLOCKS => false}