Sqoop enhancements to the Hive import process

Learn how you can leverage the various Sqoop enhancements that enable you to configure how Sqoop imports data from relational databases into Hive.

Sqoop had limited capabilities in executing Hive processes that often resulted in a lack of control of the imported data and the corresponding Hive table properties. With the enhancements, you can now specify custom Beeline arguments, define custom Hive JDBC arguments, choose how tables are created in Hive using custom CREATE TABLE statements, and configure custom Hive table properties. The changes allow users to control the imported data according to their specific requirements.

In addition, the enhancements also address the variability across Hive versions and their corresponding table creation semantics. Depending on the Hive version, a CREATE TABLE statement can have different implications, such as creating an external table with purge or creating a managed table. Also, the ability to set custom configurations globally not only streamlines the import process but also simplifies the modification of a large number of Sqoop commands.