Exit statuses for the HDFS Balancer

The HDFS Balancer concludes a cluster balancing operation with a specific exit status that indicates whether the operation succeeded or failed, with supporting reasons.

Table 1. Exit statuses for the HDFS balancer
Status Value Description
SUCCESS 0 The cluster is balanced. There are no over or under-utilized storages, with regard to the specified threshold.
ALREADY_RUNNING -1 Another HDFS Balancer is running.
NO_MOVE_BLOCK -2 The HDFS Balancer is not able to schedule a move.
NO_MOVE_PROGRESS -3 All of the scheduled moves have failed for 5 consecutive iterations.
IO_EXCEPTION -4 An IOException occurred.
ILLEGAL_ARGUMENTS -5 An invalid argument in the command or configuration occurred.
INTERUPTED -6 The HDFS Balancer process was interrupted.
UNFINALIZED_UPGRADE -7 The cluster is being upgraded.