Verifying that Indexing Works

  1. Add rows to the indexed HBase table. For example:
    hbase shell
    hbase(main):001:0> put 'sample_table', 'row1', 'data', 'value'
    hbase(main):002:0> put 'sample_table', 'row2', 'data', 'value2'
  2. If the put operation succeeds, wait a few seconds, go to the SolrCloud UI query page, and query the data. Note the updated rows in Solr.
  3. To print diagnostic information, such as the content of records as they pass through the morphline commands, enable the TRACE log level:
    1. Go to Key-Value Store Indexer service > Configuration > Category > Advanced.
    2. Find the Lily HBase Indexer Logging Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) property or search for it by typing its name in the Search box.
    3. Add the following to the text box:
    4. Click Save Changes.
    5. Restart the service (Key-Value Store Indexer service > Actions > Restart).
  4. Examine the log files in /var/log/hbase-solr/lily-hbase-indexer-* for details.