Cloudera Search configuration files

Cloudera Search configuration is primarily controlled by several configuration files, that are mostly stored in Apache ZooKeeper.

Configuration fileDescription
solr.xml This file is stored in ZooKeeper, and controls global properties for Apache Solr. To edit this file, you must download it from ZooKeeper, make your changes, and then upload the modified file back to ZooKeeper using the solrctl cluster command.
solrconfig.xml Each collection in Solr uses a solrconfig.xml file, stored in ZooKeeper, to control collection behavior.
managed-schema or schema.xml Cloudera recommends using a managed schema, and making schema changes using the Schema API. Collections use either a managed schema or the legacy schema.xml file. These files, also stored in ZooKeeper and assigned to a collection, define the schema for the documents you are indexing. For example, they specify which fields to index, the expected data type for each field, the default field to query when the field is unspecified, and so on. Unlike other configuration files, this file is stored in the local filesystem rather than ZooKeeper, and is used for core discovery.
Additional files Any additional files referenced in the xml files, for example, custom JAR files.