Setting the Solr Recovering Cores Percentage parameter

This health check for the Solr service gives information about the number of recovering cores hosted on different hosts.

By default this check reports concerning health if any of the hosted cores are in recovering status. This threshold can be modified in the configurations with the solr_recovering_core_thresholds configuration parameter.

The value of solr_recovering_core_thresholds determines the minimum percentage of Solr cores which need to be in 'recovering' state in order for this check to report 'concerning health'. For example, with solr_recovering_core_thresholds set to 10 (percent) and with 20 Solr cores in total you do not get 'concerning health' reported until you have 2 or more cores in recovering state.

This check is enabled by default for the Infra Solr service but disabled by default for the Workload Solr services (Cloudera Search).

For information on configuring this parameter, see Viewing and modifying Solr configuration using Cloudera Manager.