Splitting a shard on HDFS

When performing a shard split on an index that is stored on HDFS, the SplitShardCmd evaluates free disk space on the local file system of the server where Solr is installed. This may cause the command to fail, perceiving that there is no adequate disk space to perform the shard split.

Run the following command with the skipFreeSpaceCheck=true' argument to skip the check for sufficient disk space:
  • On nonsecure clusters:

    curl 'http://$[***SOLR_SERVER_HOSTNAME***]:[***SOLR_SERVER_PORT***]/solr/admin/collections?action=SPLITSHARD&collection=[***COLLECTION_NAME***]&shard=[***SHARD_TO_SPLIT***]&skipFreeSpaceCheck=true
  • On secure clusters:
    curl -k -u : --negotiate 'http://$[***SOLR_SERVER_HOSTNAME***]:[***SOLR_SERVER_PORT***]/solr/admin/collections?action=SPLITSHARD&collection=[***COLLECTION_NAME***]&shard=[***SHARD_TO_SPLIT***]&skipFreeSpaceCheck=true

Replace [***SOLR_SERVER_HOSTNAME***] with a valid Solr server hostname, [***SOLR_SERVER_PORT***] with the Solr server port number, [***COLLECTION_NAME***] with the collection name, and [***SHARD_TO_SPLIT***] with the ID of the shard to split.

To verify that the command executed successfully, check overseer logs for a similar entry:

2024-02-02 12:43:23.743 INFO  (OverseerThreadFactory-9-thread-5-processing-n:myhost.example.com:8983_solr) [c:example s:shard1  ] o.a.s.c.a.c.SplitShardCmd Skipping check for sufficient disk space