Setting Oozie permissions

You can control access to the Oozie dashboard and editor by using controls in the Hue Web UI.

  1. On the Cloudera Manager home page, click the Hue service.
  2. On the Hue service page, select Web UI > Hue Load Balanced - recommended.
  3. Log in to the Hue Web UI.
  4. In the Hue Web UI, click the admin menu icon in the lower part of the left menu and select Manage Users:

  5. On the User Admin page, click the Groups tab.
  6. On the Hue Groups page, in the Group Name column, click the default group.

  7. On the Hue Groups - Edit group page, scroll down to locate the list of permissions and then scroll further to locate the Oozie permissions:

    Groups property in UI Description

    Disables access to the Oozie editor for the selected groups

    Default setting: Unchecked, which disables this permission.


    Enables access to the Oozie editor in Hue.

    Default setting: Checked, which enables access to the Oozie editor.


    Enables read-only access for all jobs in the Oozie dashboard.

    Default setting: Check, which enables this permission.

  8. Check or uncheck the permissions as needed and then click Update group to save the permission change.