Running the HBCK2 tool

You can run the HBCK2 tool from the command-line interface in your target cluster.

The HBCK2 tool is a part of the hbase-operator-tools binary. Once you get the hbase-operator-tools binary from Cloudera, upload the binary tarball to the target cluster and extract the tarball. The HBCK2 JAR file is contained in the operator tools tarball provided by Cloudera Support at hbase-operator-tools-<version>/hbase-hbck2/hbase-hbck2-<version>.jar.

Run the HBCK2 tool by specifying the JAR path with the ā€œ-jā€ option as shown here:
$ hbase hbck -j $HOME/hbase-operator-tools-<version>/hbase-hbck2/hbase-hbck2-<version>.jar

When you run the command, the HBCK2 tool command-line menu appears.

As a Cloudera Support or Professional Services personnel using this tool to remediate an HBase cluster, you can gather useful information using these commands as an HBase super user (typically, hbase), or an HBase principal if Kerberos is enabled:
$ hdfs dfs -ls -R /hbase/ 2>&1 | tee /tmp/hdfs-ls.txt
$ hbase hbck -details 2>&1 | tee /tmp/hbase-hbck.txt
$ echo "scan 'hbase:meta'" | hbase shell 2>&1 | tee /tmp/hbase-meta.txt