Hue Load Balancer does not start due to lengthy BalancerMember Route length

The Hue Load Balancer may not start if the route name in the ROLES table exceeds 64 characters. You must manually reduce the length of the route name for each Hue server in the ROLES table to be less than or equal to 64 characters, and also ensure that it is unique.

Cloudera Manager creates the Role name in the following format, which may sometimes cause the route name to exceed 64 characters: "Service-name-Role-name-Cluster-name-Unique-hash". You may see the following error while starting the Hue Load Balancer:
BalancerMember Route length must be < 64 characters
+ '[' 1 '!=' 0 ']'
+ die '/var/run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/482-hue-HUE_LOAD_BALANCER/httpd.conf is invalid.'
+ echo '/var/run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/482-hue-HUE_LOAD_BALANCER/httpd.conf is invalid.'
/var/run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/482-hue-HUE_LOAD_BALANCER/httpd.conf is invalid.

To resolve this issue, modify the route name column in the ROLES table in the scm database for every Hue server to be less than or equal to 64 characters, and ensure that it is unique.

  1. SSH into the database instance as an administrator.
  2. Query the ROLES table to view table content:
  3. Update the values in the "NAME" column so that the route name is less than or equal to 64 characters:
    UPDATE ROLES SET NAME='hue-6c02f47dbd7e181d293c078ea293f3da' WHERE ROLE_ID=10;