Managing dynamic child creation enabled parent queues

The YARN Queue Manager UI in Cloudera Manager provides an overview of your queue hierarchy where you can view and manage the parent queues for which dynamic child creation is enabled.

  1. In Cloudera Manager, select the YARN Queue Manager UI.
    A graphical queue hierarchy is displayed in the Overview tab. A bolt icon is displayed next to the queue name of parent queues for which dynamic child creation is enabled.
  2. Select the three vertical dots and perform one of the following action for a dynamic child creation enabled parent queue:
    • Edit Queue Properties: In relative and absolute resource allocation modes, you can view and edit the Dynamic Auto-Creation of Queue section of the Queue Properties. In weight resource allocation mode, you can only view that section.
    • Add Child Queue: Supported only in weight resource allocation mode where a dynamic parent queue can have both static and dynamic child queues simultaneously.
    • Delete Queue: You have to stop the queue first before you can delete it.
    • Stop Queue / Stop Queue and Its Children: Stop the queue and its child queues, if there is any.
    • Edit Dynamic Child Queue Capacities: Edit the capacities of dynamic child queues created under the parent queue.
    • More Information: You are redirected to the Resource Manager UIv2 Queues page.