Providing read-only access to Queue Manager UI

You can now allow non-admin users to access YARN Queue Manager in a read-only mode. You can either create a new user account with read-only role or use any existing user account with read-only role in Cloudera Manager to access YARN Queue Manager UI. In the read-only access mode, the user can view all the configurations but cannot make any changes to the configurations.

  1. In Cloudera Manager, click the Administration > Users & Roles.
  2. Provide username, password, and select Read-Only from the Roles dropdown list.
  3. Click Add.

    For more information about assigning user roles, see Cloudera Manager User Roles.

  4. Click on your username on the left navigation pane and select Sign Out.
  5. Log in to Cloudera Manager as the newly created Read Only user.
  6. Click Clusters > YARN Queue Manager UI service. The YARN Queue Manager UI is displayed without edit options.