Revalidating Dynamic Configurations

Dynamic Configurations need to be revalidated after queue configuration changes. You can revalidate Dynamic Configurations using the YARN Queue Manager UI.

When changing the queue configuration, on the bottom of the queue’s configuration dialog box the following message is displayed to remind you that Dynamic Configuration revalidation needs to be performed:
Changes you make here may invalidate dynamic configurations, so you will need to revalidate them. This can be performed on the Schedule tab.
In addition a red dot appears next to the Scheduler tab, indication that some action needs to be taken related to Dynamic Queue Scheduling.
  1. In Cloudera Manager nevigate to the YARN Queue Manager UI.
  2. Click Schedule.
    After any queue change the following message is displayed on the Schedule page:
    Revalidation Required: All dynamic configuration must be revalidated due to queue changes. Please click Revalidate to proceed.
  3. Click Revalidate.
    As a result an orange dot next to the Schedule tab, and Revalidation in progress status text appear.
  4. Wait until revalidation is finished.
    You do not have to stay on the Schedule page until the Revalidation is done. Once the orange dot next to the Schedule tab disappears , the revalidation is finished.
  5. Check if any of the Dynamic Configuration became disabled.
  6. Perform one of the following actions for the disabled Dynamic Configurations:
    • Update the queue configuration to make the Dynamic Configuration valid
    • Update the Dynamic Configuration to make it valid
    • Delete the invalid Dynamic Configuration