Change Queue Properties

You can configure numerous queue properties that can be included in the properties array, each with its own range of valid values.

For information about the YARN properties, see Managing and Allocating Cluster Resources using Capacity Scheduler.

Request URL


Request Body

  "properties": [{ "name": "{name-of-the-property}", "value": "{value}" }],
  "message": "Changed properties of {path-of-the-queue}"
Parameter Description
cm_host Cloudera Manager host address
Cluster-id Name of the cluster
path-of-the-queue Path to the queue
name-of-the-property Name of the property
value Value of the YARN property

Example Request Body

  "properties": [{ "name": "maximum-applications", "value": "1" }],
  "message": "Changed properties of root.samplequeue"

Example Request

curl -v -X PUT -b cookie.txt --key cm-auto-host_key_decrypted.pem --cert cm-auto-host_cert_chain.pem --cacert cm-auto-global_cacerts.pem -H "Referer: https://<cm_host>:7183/cmf/clusters/Cluster%201/queue-manager/" -d @request.json