YARN ACL syntax

Example of YARN ACL syntax.

  • Users only

    Use a comma-separated list of user names. Do not place spaces after the commas separating the users in the list.

  • Groups only
    <single space>HR,marketing,support

    You must begin group-only ACLs with a single space. Group-only ACLs use the same syntax as users, except each entry is a group name rather than user name.

  • Users and Groups
    fred,alice,haley<single space>datascience,marketing,support

    A comma-separated list of user names, followed by a single space, followed by a comma-separated list of group names. This sample ACL authorizes access to users “fred”, “alice”, and “haley”, and to those users in the groups “datascience”, “marketing”, and “support”.


The following ACL entry authorizes access only to the members of “my_group”:
<single space>my_group
The following ACL entry authorizes access to anyone:
The following ACL authorizes access to the users “john”, “jane”, and the group “HR”:
john,jane<single space>HR
In this example, six groups (“group_1” through “group_6”) are defined in the system. The following ACL authorizes access to a subset of the defined groups, allowing access to all members of groups 1 through 5 (and implicitly denies access to members of the group “group_6”):
<single space>group_1,group_2,group_3,group_4,group_5