Fixed Issues in Schema Registry

Review the list of Schema Registry issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.2.

CDPD-15097: Schemas with null description do not show up in the UI.
Previously, when using the UI or API calls, search results would sometimes list schemas according to description instead of name matches. Schemas without a description would not appear in the results.

In this release, schemas with a null description now appear and the UI search results are listed correctly.

CDPD-15066: Implement schema version selection in Ranger.
Users could not apply a Ranger policy to a specific schema version. This was because the schema version field on the Create or Edit Policy page did not accept a specific version and instead returned an asterisk. The asterisk indicated that the policy would apply to all versions of the schema.
Users can now apply Ranger policies to specific schema versions.
OPSAPS-57467: Hard-coded parcel directory causes failure when non-standard path is used and TLS is enabled.
The parcel directory path was hard-coded in the Schema Registry scripts and caused failures when a non-standard path was used and TLS was enabled.

The parcel directory path is no longer hard-coded in the Schema Registry CSD.

OPSAPS-57409: Add security-related header controls to all Schema Registry responses
The following HTTP headers appear in Schema Registry HTTP responses to provide security-related restrictions and instructions to the browser:
  • Cache-Control
  • Content-Security-Policy
  • Content-Type-Options
  • Strict-Transport-Security (if SSL is enabled)
  • X-Frame options
  • XSS-Protection
OPSAPS-57294: Schema Registry first run fails when multiple Ranger Admin services are configured.
The first run of Schema Registry failed when more than one Ranger Administrator service was configured.

The Schema Registry start-up script can now handle multiple Ranger Administrator services.