Using advanced search

Apache Atlas advanced search lets you use a query language to combine criteria and refine search results.

Advanced search gives you more control over search criteria through the Atlas domain-specific query language.

In the left navigator pane, Search tab, switch to Advanced search mode by sliding the green toggle button from Basic to Advanced.

Select an entity type if appropriate, then add your query to refine the search results. Here are some examples of advanced search queries:

  • Search for partial names
    from hive_table where name LIKE '*_dim'
  • Search in date ranges

    Note that the entity attributes may contain date fields that are populated from the source while the system attributes contain date fields that are populated when the entity is created in Atlas. The values can be different.

    Entity attribute createTime
    from hive_table where createTime > '2019-01-01' and createTime < '2019-01-03'
    System attribute Create Timestamp
    from hive_table where __timestamp > '2019-01-01' and __timestamp < '2019-01-03'
  • Search for deleted entities
    System attributes (with two underscores before the name) are available on all entity types.
    from hive_table where __state = DELETED
  • Search for multiple criteria
    from hdfs_path where isFile = true and name = "Invoice"
  • Return specific metadata
    from hive_table where name = 'customer_dim' select owner, name,
            qualifiedName, createTime
  • Search for entities with classifications
    from hive_table where hive_table isa Dimension select owner, name, qualifiedName

See the advanced search reference for information about the query language and for more examples.