Create partitions (node labels)

You must first create partitions to assign them to nodes and associate it with queues.

You must enable node labels on a cluster before you create a partition. For more information, see Enable node labels on a cluster.
  1. In Cloudera Manager, select the Clusters > YARN Queue Manager UI service. A graphical queue hierarchy is displayed in the Overview tab.
  2. Click the Node Labels tab.
  3. Click +Create. The Create Node Label dialog box is displayed.
  4. Add a name for the partition (node labels) in Node Label Name.
  5. Select Exclusive or Non-Exclusive node label type under Node Label Type. For information about Exclusive or Non-Exclusive partition (node label) type, see Configure Partitions.
  6. Select one or more unassigned nodes listed under Unassigned Nodes and click the < arrow button to move it under Assigned Nodes to assign it to the partition (node labels). You can also search or filter the nodes using the regular expression.
  7. Click Save.