Fixed Issues in Schema Registry

Review the list of Schema Registry issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.8.

CDPD-20078: In case of Ranger failure, Schema Registry should return 502
Previously, when Ranger failed, Schema Registry returned a 500 Internal Server Error message, implicating that it was an error inside Schema Registry instead of an external component error.

Now, if Ranger fails, Schema Registry returns a 502 Bad Gateway error.

CDPD-20578: The Schema Registry Docker image should work
Previously, the Schema Registry Docker image did not work.

Now, developers can build a Docker image with Schema Registry.

CDPD-21871: Schema Registry CNF when using mysql8 jdbc driver

When using MySQL, Schema Registry will connect to the database using the JDBC driver specified in the configuration. In situations when the driver class is not found on the classpath, Schema Registry will try to search for an alternative MySQL JDBC driver on the classpath.

OPSAPS-59245: Provide the configured Kerberos principal short name of Schema Registry through dependency extension
The ${schemaregistry_principal_name} substitution is now provided by a new Schema Registry dependency extension in the CSDs.