What's New in Schema Registry

There are no new features for Schema Registry in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.8.

Upgrade to Dropwizard 2

The underlying framework has been upgraded from Dropwizard version 1 to 2. This includes new security features, bug-fixes, and a more stable software. For more information read the Dropwizard 2 Release Notes.

Schema Registry Client basic search functionality

Added a new method findAggregatedSchemas to the Schema Registry Client that can be used to search for schemas.

Ability to override JDBC connection string for Schema Registry and Streams Messaging Manager

The database_jdbc_url_override parameter is introduced to Schema Registry and Streams Messaging Manager to override the JDBC URL of the database to pass specific parameters if necessary.

This affects Cloudera Manager 7.4.0 and CDH 7.1.7.