Add the SMM REST Server as a Service

Once you have installed the SMM management pack and updated the Base URL in Ambari, you are ready to add the SMM Rest Server as a service in your Ambari-managed HDF or HDP cluster.

  1. From the Ambari UI, launch the Add Service Wizard.
  2. In Step 1, Choose Services, select Streams Messaging Manager.
  3. In Step 2, Assign Masters, add the host on which you want to install the SMM REST Server.
  4. In Step 4, Customize Services, select the Streams Messaging Manager tab and add the configuration information for the SMM REST Server.
  5. Click through the rest of the Add Service Wizard and click OK.
You can verify the SMM installation by launching the following:
  • http://{your hostname}:8585/swagger
  • http://{your hostname}:8585/api/v1/admin/brokers

In both cases the default user name is admin and the default password is Horton!#works.