Streams Messaging Manager installation steps

You are encouraged to review this overview of Streams Messaging Manager (SMM) installation steps to get a thorough understanding of the requirements before you begin the installation process.

See the Hortonworks Support Matrix for information on the requirements for DP Platform and the SMM application.
  1. Get your software.
    • Set up a local repository.
    • Create the repository configuration file.
  2. Installing SMM Application on DataPlane Platform.
    1. Set up DataPlane Platform.
      • Install or upgrade to the latest version of DataPlane Platform.
      • Configure DPS.
    2. Install the SMM application.
  3. Prepare your cluster for use with SMM.
    1. Install or upgrade Ambari.
    2. Install or upgrade HDF or HDP.
    3. Set up security on your cluster.
      • (Required) Set up Ambari with AD authentication.
      • (Required) Configure Knox SSO topology.
      • (Recommended) Install Ranger and set up permissions.
      • (Recommended) Set up Kerberos for your cluster.
    4. Install the SMM REST Agent.
      • Install a database for SMM.
      • Get the DPS Knox Cert key.
      • Download and install the SMM management pack.
      • Update base URLs.
      • Add the REST Server as an Ambari Service.
      • Configure TLS for SMM.
  4. Integrate your cluster and DataPlane Platform.
    1. Assign SMM users the Kafka DevOps role.
    2. Generate and upload your TLS public key.
    3. Set up Knox SSO for DataPlane Platform.
    4. Add the HDP or HDF cluster and register it with DataPlane Platform.
    5. Enable SMM Service for your target cluster.