Configuring Latency in Ambari

You can adjust default configurations of end-to-end latency processing in Ambari including enabling or disabling metrics processing, setting the retention period, setting the cleanup intervals for older metrics, and configuring the storage.

Perform the following steps to configure end-to-end latency in Ambari:

  1. Go to Streams Messaging Manager Service in the Ambari UI.
  2. Go to CONFIGS tab, and click ADVANCED.
  3. Go to Advanced streams-messaging-manager-common.
  4. Confirm the values of the following properties:
    Properties Description

    Enable Latency Metrics Processing

    By default, the latency metrics processing is enabled. You can turn it off by selecting the check-box.


    By default, the 15 minutes granularity metrics are stored for 2 weeks (12096000 secs). You can modify the value. Longer the duration, greater will be the storage requirements.

    The older metrics stored are purged in regular intervals. The purging frequency is defined by this interval in milliseconds. By default, the cleanup happens every 6 hours.

    All metrics are stored in the local disk of SMM provided in this option.