Configuring SRM Properties in SMM

You need to configure SRM properties to implement cross-cluster Kafka topic replication in SMM.

  1. Go to Streams Messaging Manager Service in the Ambari UI.
  2. Go to CONFIGS tab, and click ADVANCED.
  3. Configure MirrorMaker in SMM and add relevant SRM host, port, protocol about where SRM is installed.
    1. Go to Advanced streams-messaging-manager-srm-config.
    2. Check the Configure Mirror Maker(SRM) service option.
    3. Confirm that is the host where Mirror Maker is running.
    4. Confirm that mirrorMakerServiceConfig.port is the port on which Mirror Maker is running.
    5. Verify that mirrorMakerSeriveConfig.protocol is the protocol used by Mirror Maker. For example, http or https.
  4. If SRM is SSL enabled, change the value of the mirrorMakerSeriveConfig.protocol property to https and perform the following steps:
    1. Go to Custom streams-messaging-manager-srm-config.
    2. Click Add Property.
      The Add Property dialog appears.
    3. You need to add relevant properties from the following list:
      • Protocol
      • hostnameVerifierClass
      • keyStoreType
      • keyStorePath
      • keyStorePassword
      • keyPassword
      • keyStoreProvider
      • keyManagerFactoryProvider
      • keyManagerFactoryAlgorithm
      • trustStoreType
      • trustStorePath
      • trustStorePassword
      • trustStoreProvider
      • trustManagerFactoryProvider
      • trustManagerFactoryAlgorithm
      For example, add the properties in the following fashion:
      Key=streamsReplicationManagerConfig-protocol, Value=TLV5
      Key=streamsReplicationManagerConfig-hostnameVerifierClass, Value=some.class
      Key=streamsReplicationManagerConfig-keyStorePath, Value=/etc/security/keystore/keystore.jks
  5. Similarly, enable jersey client properties in Custom streams-messaging-manager-srm-config as shown in the following example:
    Key=mirrorMakerServiceConfig-jersey.config.client.connectTimeout, Value=3000
  6. Restart SMM.