Fixed issues in Ozone parcel 718.2.2

You can review the list of reported issues and their fixes in Ozone parcel 718.2.2. Fixed issues represent selected issues that were previously logged through Cloudera Support, but are now addressed in the current Ozone parcel release. These issues may have been reported in previous versions of Runtime as a known issue; meaning they were reported by customers or identified by Cloudera Quality Engineering teams.


  • HDDS-8417: Cap on queue of commands at datanode
  • Revert CDPD-54746: Backport HDDS-8324 to Ozone Parcel 2
  • HDDS-9081: Handling Netty back pressure when streaming containers for replication
  • HDDS-9134: GRPC based replication can get stuck forever if the receiver is not available
  • HDDS-9070: Expose Netty memory used metrics
  • HDDS-9148: OM to reject hsync if ozone.fs.hsync.enabled is false


  • RATIS-1836: Frequent retry by leader on failure path for appendEntry
  • RATIS-1868: Handling Netty back pressure when streaming ratis log