Fixed issues in Ozone parcel 718.2.4

You can review the list of reported issues and their fixes in Ozone parcel 718.2.4. Fixed issues represent selected issues that were previously logged through Cloudera Support, but are now addressed in the current Ozone parcel release. These issues may have been reported in previous versions of Runtime as a known issue; meaning they were reported by customers or identified by Cloudera Quality Engineering teams.


  • CDPD-63635: [AUTOSYNC] ContainerStateMachine.applyTransaction(..) should not validate token again
  • CDPD-52478: Support Ozone OM Metadata Generator in `Ozone freon`
  • CDPD-57631: [AUTOSYNC] Orphan blocks can leave empty container stuck deleting forever
  • CDPD-52600: Do not use block count to determine if containers are empty
  • CDPD-64419: OM nodes went down due to OOM, possible memory leak
  • CDPD-63606: Datanodes do not Retry Pipeline Close Commands for SCM
  • CDPD-63605: Verbose log messages regarding pipeline creation failure
  • CDPD-63588: Do not show empty containers as missing in Recon UI
  • CDPD-63281: [AUTOSYNC] Backport HDDS-9550 to legacy RM (missing containers which are empty)
  • CDPD-62957: [AUTOSYNC] Container report shows missing containers when they actually appear empty
  • CDPD-59221: Ozone Manager terminated in CreateKey request due to bucket not found
  • CDPD-57621: [AUTOSYNC] Clean up datanode memory in case of an ozone stream write error
  • CDPD-52398: Cannot delete empty OBS bucket if prefix of other, non-empty bucket
  • CDPD-64709: HDDS-8993. Pin maven-antrun-plugin version to 3.1.0
  • CDPD-64308: Legacy Replication Manager should consider that UNHEALTHY replicas might be decommissioning
  • CDPD-64307: HDDS-9652. Legacy RM will not replicate all unhealthy containers when some are decommissioning

Ratis or Ratis-thirdparty

  • RATIS-1928: Join the LogAppenders when closing the server.
  • RATIS-1761: If LeaderStateImpl is not running, it should not restart a LogAppender.