Assigning Roles in Workload Manager

You must use a Power User to assign Workload Manager roles. This example walks you through the steps to assign the Workload User role for a particular workload.

  1. The user completing the steps in this example must be a Power User. First, open the Workload Manager service. Then open the Actions menu and select the Manage Access option for the cluster. In this example, the cluster name is Velociraptor:

  2. When you click the Manage Access option, Workload Manager takes you to a screen where you can select the user whose roles you want to edit. Click Update Roles for the user:

  3. In the pop-up that appears, you have options for the roles that you can to assign to the user. Select the role you want and click Update Roles. In this example, we will select WXMLimitedClusterUser. This role gives the user limited access to the environment so the user can view a single workload:

  4. Click Update Roles to save your changes.
  5. Next, click the cluster name to open the cluster and go to the Workloads page. In the workloads list, click the Actions menu and select Manage Access:

  6. Search for the user in the Manage Access search bar and a pop-up opens that allows you to assign the Workload User role to the user for the workload:

  7. The roles that you assign in Workload Manager are visible in the Cloudera Manager User Management page, under the Resources tab. In the image below, you can see that VelociraptorUser has the necessary roles to view a workload:

  8. When VelociraptorUser opens the Workload Manager service, he will only be able to see the VelociraptorWorkload workload.