Cluster Admin Role

The Cluster Admin can view, edit, and create workloads in the cluster. The Cluster Admin role has full access to Workload Manager and is the only user that can create a workload. Note that the Cluster Admin cannot not grant or revoke access for other users. This user has the following capabilities:

  • Cluster:
    • View the cluster on the Clusters page
    • Rename the cluster
    • Delete the cluster
  • Workloads:
    • View all workloads in the cluster
    • Update all workloads in the cluster
    • Delete all workloads in the cluster
    • Create workloads
  • Queries: View all queries in the cluster
  • Jobs: View all Data Engineering jobs in the cluster
  • Can enable cluster report emails.

Renaming a Cluster

When a Cluster Admin views a cluster on the Clusters page, the Actions menu contains a Rename option that is not available for the Cluster User or Workload User: