Enabling Access to Your Workload Analytic Diagnostic Data by Workload Manager

Steps for enabling the collection of your workload analytic diagnostic data by either Cloudera Telemetry Publisher or Cloudera Databus Producer, which are services that collect and send your workload diagnostic information about your job and query processes to Workload Manager. For example, when you add a new cluster, they automatically send the new cluster information to Workload Manager.

By default, the collection of diagnostic data is disabled. The following procedure describes how to enable access to your workload diagnostic data by either Telemetry Publisher or Databus Producer, depending on your workload environment.
Workload Manager collects diagnostic information about your workloads using either Telemetry Publisher or Databus Producer. Where:
  • Telemetry Publisher collects this information and sends it to Workload Manager for a Data Hub environment.
  • Databus Producer collects this information and sends it to Workload Manager for a Data Warehouse and Data Engineering environment.

You enable the collection of your analytic diagnostic data by these services when you register and configure your Cloudera environment in the Cloudera Management Console. For more information on how to register your Cloudera environment and the configuration settings, see the Register an AWS environment from CDP UI topic in the Cloudera Docs Management Console Public Cloud documentation, which is provided as a link below in Related Links.

The following abbreviated procedure assumes that you are logged in to the Cloudera Management Console and that you have completed all the pre-requisite tasks for registering an environment that are described in the Cloudera Docs Management Console Public Cloud documentation. For more information, see the Related Links below.

  1. From the Management Console navigation panel, select Environments.
  2. In the Environment page, click Register Environment.
  3. In the Register Environment wizard, enter your required environment settings using the wizard's instructions on its side panel for the General Information, Data Access and Data Lake Scaling, and Region, Networking and Security pages.
  4. In the Logs section on the Storage page, enter your log storage requirements.
  5. In the Telemetry section, slide the Enable Workload Analytics toggle switch to the right and then confirm this setting by clicking Enable.
  6. Click Register Environment.
Diagnostic information about your jobs, queries, and workloads are enabled for collection by Telemetry Publisher and Databus Producer.