Displaying Your Job Costs Associated with a Cost Center Cluster

Steps for displaying your Workload cluster jobs associated with a cost center cluster.

Describes how to view your workload costs associated with a cluster.
  1. Verify that you are logged in to the Workload Manager web UI.
    1. In a supported browser, log into the Cloudera Data Platform.
      The CDP Public Cloud web interface landing page opens.
    2. From the Your Enterprise Data Cloud landing page, select the Workload Manager tile.
  2. From the Workload Manager Navigation side-bar, select Chargeback.
  3. In the Chargeback page, select a cost center.
    Your cost center page opens displaying the costs, and the CPU and memory usage associated with the cost center.
  4. To view more details about the pool, user, and job costs for a specific cluster in the cost center, from the Cluster column, locate the cluster and then either click its name or click the greater-than arrow (>) at the end of its row.