Workload XM release 2.2.1

The major new features and updates for Workload XM release 2.2.1.

This release provides the following additional features and functionality improvements:

Remove obsolete HDFS files Manually with the Workload XM Purge Event

Reduce bottlenecks between Telemetry Publisher and Workload XM, by manually running a Workload XM purge event. The Workload XM purge feature now enables you to manually remove obsolete HDFS data that could cause a backlog or block Telemetry Publisher from ingesting and sending newer data to Workload XM. The purge event is based on the file’s data group and the data group’s retention limit.

Control user access with the Workload XM Role Based Access Control (RBAC) feature

Control the security and access management of your Workload XM environment by assigning Workload XM roles with the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) feature.

Workload XM now supports cluster privilege role types that define who is entitled to access jobs and queries that are created by the user, who is entitled to create and administer cost centers and view cluster costs, and who is entitled to access and administer jobs and queries within either a specific cluster or across all clusters within the Workload XM environment.

Limiting the trust boundary for jobs, queries, cluster costs, and administrative management at the cluster level, enables more control over the security and access management of your Workload XM environment.