Accessing the Workload XM Cluster Services Charts

Describes where to view the Workload XM cluster services charts in Cloudera Manager that show the state, activity, and performance of the Workload XM services.

Steps for accessing the Workload XM cluster services charts in Cloudera Manager.
  1. In a supported web browser, log in to Cloudera Manager as a user with full system administrative privileges.
  2. From the Navigation panel, select Clusters and then WXM.
    A subset of the most commonly used Workload XM Cluster services metrics are displayed as charts in the Charts section.
  3. Do one or more of the following:
    • To display more Workload XM metrics, select the Charts Library tab and then select a category.
    • To display metrics for a specific Workload XM service, in the Status Summary section of the Status page, click a server name.
Manually create your own Workload XM charts using the Cloudera Manager Chart builder and the Workload XM service metric name. For more information on how to build your own chart, click the Related Information links below.