Understanding a Workload XM Cluster Policy

Describes the Workload XM Cluster Policy criteria that is used to assign Workload XM access roles to your users.

Access to your Workload jobs and queries is determined by a Workload XM Cluster Policy, which comprises two or more of the following conditions:
  • One or more LDAP Group identifier account names.
  • One or more user names. By default, Workload XM authenticates user access by checking that the user is a member of an LDAP group.
  • A Workload XM access role type. The access role is assigned to the users that you provide in the Users field and/or the users who are part of the groups you provide in the Groups field and is defined by the conditions in the Cluster Policy.
  • (Cluster User and Cluster Admin only) The cluster associated with the access role.
  • (Cluster User only) A custom policy whose criteria is defined from the provided user names and/or the provided pools. A custom policy enables the user or users defined in the Cluster Policy to view the jobs and queries executed by other users and/or the jobs and queries executed in a pool.

Workload XM Cluster Policies are created, managed, and maintained from the Access Management page. Only users who have been granted the System Admin access role type can view and manage your Workload XM cluster policies.