Activating the WXM Parcel

Distribute the Workload XM installation files on all the nodes in the Workload XM cluster.

Describes how to activate the Workload XM installation parcel.
  1. In a supported web browser, log in to Cloudera Manager on the Workload XM cluster.
  2. In Cloudera Manager, select Hosts and then Parcels.
  3. In the Parcels page, verify that Cluster 1 is the Workload XM on-premises cluster.
  4. From the Parcel Name section, locate and select WXM and then click Distribute.
  5. When the Distributed indicator appears, click Activate.
  6. In the Activate WXM confirmation message, click OK.
The indicators for the WXM parcel are displayed as Distributed and Activated.