Describes the components and architecture of a basic Workload XM environment.

Workload XM consists of two or more clusters:
  • Workload XM cluster, which is a CDP cluster that is managed by Cloudera Manager. Workload XM and all its main component services are installed and run in this cluster. Users access the Workload XM web user interface from the web host server in this cluster.
  • Workload Cluster, which is a CDH, CDP, or HDP cluster managed by Cloudera Manager. This cluster is associated with Telemetry Publisher in Cloudera Manager and runs your workload processes.
The below diagram shows the communication between Workload XM and your workload clusters through Telemetry Publisher. Where, the Workload XM service is installed on the left cluster, including the Workload XM main component services, and the Workload clusters on the right contain the services required to run your workload processes. Telemetry data collected by Telemetry Publisher is passed from these clusters to the Workload XM cluster.