Enabling File Size Reports

Steps for enabling file size reports from HDFS. These reports help you to identify where your data is stored inefficiently, such as in small files or partitions, which can cause performance issues.

Describes how to enable file size reports in Cloudera Manager.
  1. In a supported web browser on your Workload cluster, log in to Cloudera Manager.
  2. In Cloudera Manager, select Clusters and then locate and select Cloudera Management Service.
  3. Click the Configuration tab and in the Search field enter small files, which displays the small files properties.
  4. Select the Small Files Reporting: Enable Data Collection check box.
  5. From the Small Files Reporting: HDFS Service for Data Staging property list, select the HDFS service option that you require.
  6. In the Small File Reporting: HDFS Staging Location field, enter the path and directory name that you require as the staging area for file size analysis.
  7. Click Save Changes.