Upgrading Workload XM

Pre-requisite Tasks for upgrading Workload XM.

Before upgrading to a new version of Workload XM, do the following:
  1. Schedule the upgrade and inform your users of the Workload XM service interruption.
  2. (Optional) Upgrade to the latest LINUX patch release.
  3. Verify that your Workload XM cluster is running a supported version of Cloudera Manager and the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) and that your Workload clusters are running a supported version of Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Platform.
  4. Record the Cloudera Manager host name of the server that contains an installation of Workload XM, as this value is required during upgrading.
  5. If you are upgrading from a 2.1.x release version of Workload XM, you must verify that there are no remaining messages in the ZooKeeper queue by doing the following:
    1. In a terminal log in to a host running ZooperKeeper and list the current queues by running the following command:
      /opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH/lib/zookeeper/bin/zkCli.sh -server [zk_server]:2181 ls /wxm/onprem/zkqueue
      The following terminal output is an example of a current queue output:
      HiveAudit, HiveHistoryProtobuf, HiveOnMrTable, ImpalaQueryProfile, LlapHistoryProtobuf, MrJhist, MrTaskLog, OozieWorkflow, Pse, SdxDetails, SparkEventLog, SparkTaskLog, TezHistoryProtobuf, YarnApp, YarnAppMetrics, sigmaadb-broadcast, upload-processing-update-queue
    2. Verify that all the queues are empty by running the following:
      for q_n in HiveAudit HiveHistoryProtobuf HiveOnMrTable ImpalaQueryProfile LlapHistoryProtobuf MrJhist MrTaskLog OozieWorkflow Pse SdxDetails SparkEventLog SparkTaskLog TezHistoryProtobuf YarnApp YarnAppMetrics sigmaadb-broadcast upload-processing-update-queue
          echo $q_n: $(/opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH/lib/zookeeper/bin/zkCli.sh -server [zk_server]:2181 stat -w /wxm/onprem/zkqueue/${q_n} | grep "numChildren")
    3. Verify that all the count values are 0.
    4. If there are messages in the queue, do the following:
      1. Stop the DBUS services, which stops any new incoming data.
      2. Allow Workload XM to finish processing any existing messages.
      3. Stop any remaining components.
  6. Stop the Workload XM Service and its services.
  7. Download the latest Workload XM installation parcel and its checksum parcels from the Cloudera Downloads website.
  8. Download the latest Workload XM installation CSD (.jar) file from the Cloudera Downloads website.