Assigning Access Roles in Workload XM

Steps for assigning resource access roles in Workload XM.

Describes how to assign a resource access role for a Workload XM user.
  1. In a supported web browser, log in to the Workload XM UI by doing the following:
    1. In the web browser URL field, enter and press Enter.
    2. In the Email Address and Password fields, enter the email address and password associated with your Workload XM user credentials.
    3. Click Log In.
  2. In the Clusters page, locate the cluster in which to add a the user resource access role and then from its Actions menu, select Manage Access. In this example, the cluster Velociraptor is used:

  3. In the Manage Access page, click Update Roles.

    The Update Resource Roles window opens, which displays the resource role options that you can assign to a user.
  4. In the Update Resource Roles window, select the resource role or roles you require for the user and click Update Roles. In this example, the WXMLimitedClusterUser role is selected, which gives the user limited access to the environment, but provides access and visibility to their workloads:

  5. Click Update Roles.
  6. Verify that the cluster your require for analysis is still displaying in the main menu.
  7. In the Navigation bar, select Workloads.
  8. In the Workloads page, locate the workload for the user you assigned the WXMLimitedClusterUser resource role and then click its Actions menu and select Manage Access.

  9. Locate and select the user who you assigned the WXMLimitedClusterUser resource role and in the Update Resource Roles window, select WXMWorkloadUser, which enables the user to view the Workload's jobs and queries in Workload XM.

When the VelociraptorUser user opens Workload XM they will only be able to view their jobs related to the VelociraptorWorkload workload.

Also, the roles that you assign in Workload XM are visible in the Cloudera Manager User Management page, under the Resources tab. As shown in the image below: