Network Port Requirements

Lists the network port numbers and their respective protocols used by Workload XM and dependent services.

Communication between Workload XM and your Workload Clusters is through Telemetry Publisher, which requires network communication with Network Load Balancer and the Workload XM S3 bucket in the Cloudera Workload XM framework.

Telemetry Publisher collects and sends diagnostic information about job and query processes from your Workload Clusters to Workload XM and its services. It communicates with Workload XM, its services, and its S3 bucket through Network Load Balancer using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols.

The following table lists the Network Load Balancer and the Workload XM S3 bucket host names and the port numbers that must be enabled for service-to-service network communication between Telemetry Publisher and Workload XM:

Table 1. Network Port Numbers
Port Number Host Name

Verifying Network Connectivity between Telemetry Publisher and Workload XM

Cloudera recommends verifying access from Telemetry Publisher to Network Load Balancer and the Workload XM S3 bucket on port 443, by running the following commands:


You can import a certificate from another truststore file to your truststore file with the keytool utility, by running the following command:

keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore cacerts -srcstorepass changeit -destkeystore truststore -deststorepass truststore_password 
  • truststore, is the destination truststore file name.
  • truststore_password, is the password that opens the destination truststore file.