2.1. Setup Options

The following table describes options frequently used for Ambari Server setup.




Specifies the JAVA_HOME path to use on the Ambari Server and all hosts in the cluster. By default when you do not specify this option, Setup downloads the Oracle JDK 1.7 binary to /var/lib/ambari-server/resources on the Ambari Server and installs the JDK to /usr/jdk64.

Use this option when you plan to use a JDK other than the default Oracle JDK 1.7. See JDK Requirements for more information on the supported JDKs. If you are using an alternate JDK, you must manually install the JDK on all hosts and specify the Java Home path during Ambari Server setup.

This path must be valid on all hosts. For example.

ambari-server setup –j /usr/java/default



Setup runs silently. Accepts all default prompt values.



Prints verbose info and warning messages to the console during Setup.



Use specified JDK file in local file system instead of downloading



Start Ambari Server in debug mode

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