Ambari User's Guide
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Adding an Oozie Server Component

  1. In Ambari Web, browse to the host where you would like to install another Oozie Server.

  2. On the Host page, click the “+Add” button.

  3. Select “Oozie Server” from the list and Ambari will install the new Oozie Server.

  4. After configuring your external Load Balancer, update the oozie configuration.

  5. Browse to Services > Oozie > Configs and in oozie-site add the following:




    List of ZooKeeper hosts with ports. For example:,,




  6. In oozie-env, uncomment OOZIE_BASE_URL property and change value to point to the Load Balancer. For example:

    export OOZIE_BASE_URL="http://<loadbalance.hostname>:11000/oozie"

  7. Restart Oozie service for the changes to take affect.

  8. Update HDFS configs for the Oozie proxy user. Browse to Services > HDFS > Configs and in core-site update the hadoop.proxyuser.oozie.hosts property to include the newly added Oozie Server host. Hosts should be comma separated.

  9. Restart all needed services.