Ambari User's Guide
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1. Overview: Ambari User's Guide
Accessing Ambari Web
2. Monitoring and Managing Your Cluster
Viewing the Cluster Dashboard
Scanning Service Status
Widget Descriptions
Widget Details
Linking to Service UIs
Viewing Cluster-Wide Metrics
Modifying the Cluster Dashboard
Adding a Widget to the Dashboard
Resetting the Dashboard
Customizing Widget Display
Viewing Cluster Heatmaps
3. Managing Hosts
Working with Hosts
Determining Host Status
Filtering the Hosts List
Performing Host-Level Actions
Viewing Components on a Host
Decommissioning Masters and Slaves
How to Decommission a Component
How to Delete a Component
Deleting a Host from a Cluster
How to Delete a Host from a Cluster
Setting Maintenance Mode
Setting Maintenance Mode for Services, Components, and Hosts
How to Turn On Maintenance Mode for a Service
How to Turn On Maintenance Mode for a Host
How to Turn On Maintenance Mode for a Host (alternative using filtering for hosts)
Maintenance Mode Use Cases
Adding Hosts to a Cluster
Rack Awareness
4. Managing Services
Starting and Stopping All Services
Selecting a Service
Adding a Service
Adding a Service to your Hadoop cluster
Editing Service Config Properties
Viewing Service Summary and Alerts
Alerts and Health Checks
Modifying the Service Dashboard
Performing Service Actions
Monitoring Background Operations
Using Quick Links
Rolling Restarts
Setting Rolling Restart Parameters
Aborting a Rolling Restart
Refreshing YARN Capacity Scheduler
How to refresh the YARN Capacity Scheduler
Rebalancing HDFS
How to rebalance HDFS
5. Managing Service High Availability
NameNode High Availability
How To Configure NameNode High Availability
How to Roll Back NameNode HA
ResourceManager High Availability
How to Configure ResourceManager High Availability
HBase High Availability
Adding an HBase Master Component
Hive High Availability
Adding a Hive Metastore Component
Adding a HiveServer2 Component
Adding a WebHCat Component
Storm High Availability
Adding a Nimbus Component
Oozie High Availability
Adding an Oozie Server Component
6. Managing Configurations
Configuring Services
Updating Service Properties
Restarting Components
Using Host Config Groups
Customizing Log Settings
Downloading Client Configs
Service Configuration Versions
Basic Concepts
Saving a Change
Viewing History
Comparing Versions
Reverting a Change
Versioning and Host Config Groups
7. Administering the Cluster
Managing Stack and Versions
Register a Version
Install the Version
Perform Upgrade
Upgrade Prerequisites
Service Accounts
How To Regenerate Keytabs
How To Disable Kerberos
8. Monitoring and Alerts
Managing Alerts
Alert Types
Configuring Notifications
Customizing Notification Templates
List of Predefined Alerts
HDFS Service Alerts
NameNode HA Alerts
YARN Alerts
MapReduce2 Alerts
HBase Service Alerts
Hive Alerts
Oozie Alerts
ZooKeeper Alerts
Ambari Alerts