Ambari Troubleshooting Guide
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Reviewing Ambari Log Files

Find files that log activity on an Ambari host in the following locations:

  • Ambari Server logs on the Ambari Server host:


  • Ambari Agent logs on any host with an Ambari Agent:


  • Ambari Agent task logs on any host with an Ambari Agent:


    This location contains logs for all tasks executed on an Ambari Agent host. Each log name includes:

    • command-N.json - the command file corresponding to a specific task.

    • output-N.txt - the output from the command execution.

    • errors-N.txt - error messages.


You can configure the logging level for ambari-server.log by modifying /etc/ambari-server/conf/ on the Ambari Server host. For the Ambari Agents, you can set the loglevel in /etc/ambari-agent/conf/ambari-agent.ini on each host running an Ambari Agent. In general, you should also consider setting log-rotate policies for your systems. Refer to your operating system documentation and for more information on setting up log-rotate in your environment.