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Chapter 6. Moving the Zookeeper Server

Use the following steps so move the Zookeeper server to a new host:

  1. Stop the Zookeeper server.

  2. Select Hosts on the Ambari dashboard, then select the host on which to install the new Zookeeper server.

  3. On the Summary page of the new Zookeeper host, select Add > Zookeeper Server and add the new Zookeeper server.

  4. Update the following properties on the new Zookeeper server (use the existing Zookeeper server settings as a reference).

    • ha.zookeeper.quorum

    • hbase.zookeeper.quorum

    • templeton.zookeeper.hosts

    • yarn.resourcemanager.zk-address

    • hive.zookeeper.quorum

    • hive.cluster.delegation.token.store.zookeeper.connectString

  5. Select Hosts on the Ambari dashboard, then select the original Zookeeper server host. Select Zookeeper > Service Actions > Delete Service to delete the original Zookeeper server.

  6. Save the HDFS namespace.

  7. Restart the new Zookeeper server and the Hive service.


In Ambari, adding or removing Zookeeper servers requires manually editing the following Atlas properties. Select Atlas > Configs > Advanced, then select Advanced application-properties and edit the following properties to reflect the new Zookeeper server settings:

  • atlas.graph.index.search.solr.zookeeper-url

    Example format:


  • atlas.kafka.zookeeper.connect

    Example format:


  • atlas.audit.hbase.zookeeper.quorum

    Example format:


After updating these properties, restart Atlas and the following services that contain Atlas hooks (in order to refresh the configuration files):

  • Hive

  • Storm

  • Falcon

  • Sqoop