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Fixed Issues

The following table lists selected issues resolved in Ambari 2.4:



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Components settings in kerberos.json for SPARK are at the wrong place. Ambari property mode doesnt throw any error on UI while adding an existing property. Ambari view service check fails first time after server restart. Hive View broker start failed during restart stale config services after updating log directory.Ambari Master fails to start when webhdfs is disabled Ambari lost for all hosts after server start. Ambari can autoformat NameNode in a production cluster Ambari HAWQ -PXF service check uses a tmp directory Ambari Can Prevent WebHCat From Shutting Down Ambari install asks to populate AD domain and marks its required when no AD is in play. Ambari View shows LDAP login pop-up for all login errors. Hive View Kerberos related properties in CreateConfigRequest Ambari Ambari principals should be set to off when upgrading Ambari from versions < 2.4.0 Ambari doc for HAWQ View Ambari Package for non-HDP stack fails with non-VDF repo version Ambari check and Ambari Alerting for RM fails against Yarn with HA and SPNEGO. Ambari user fixes for Hive view 2.0. Hive View Service failed when none of the host components report version. Ambari with invalid themes hang the UI when you attempt to add themAmbari might not be created Ambari failing at creating principalAmbari wont display for users in Ambari hive view after job completion. Ambari PDF version of stack, extension and service definitionsAmbari Database Check failed to Complete Error Ambari Add Support for Spark on HDP 2.5 Ambari host metrics not being collected by AMS if user does not have permissions to read mount point. Ambari PXF Hive ORC Profile Ambari fails to start after deployment due to timing issue. Ambari user shouldn't be added to Oozie admin list if Falcon is not installedAmbari server start failed during EU with BindException Ambari install not correctly setting user and group for notebook directoryAmbari constraint violations in adminprincipal table when installing database schema Ambari view 1.0/1.5 does not refresh LDAP credentials for user. Hive View HAWQ and PXF RCO from stacks to common-services Ambari'go to instance' link does not work in admin view for Workflow manager view instances. Ambari back to "Customize Services" page from "Review" page on installer/ASW loses all static attributes of properties Ambari view not loading. Pig View always creates storm slider conf directoryAmbari were no labels on fields on step "Configure Kerberos" after clicking back Ambari info written to site configs by UI Ambari pack purge option should warn user and ask for confirmation before purging - addendum Ambari't open Hive view in Internet explorer 11 in HDP 2.5 Hive View Summary screen does not show hostname in tooltip pop-up for all services. Ambari db jar is not present in falcon classpath - Falcon Multi Cluster installationAmbari service to "Microsoft R Server" and component to "Microsoft R Node Client". Ambari client install during Ambari install wizard Ambari _HOST for Hbase Master principal in KerberosAmbari start Oozie if WebHDFS is disabled. Ambari more logging to track what condition resulted in skipping agent commands. Ambari package handling in Microsoft R Server Mpack Ambari server actions should not timeout in minutes as specified in configuration Ambari test cases required for verifying Ambari username case sensitivityAmbari R Server management pack should support for Redhat 7 Ambari Mirosoft R version in mpack Ambari can't be started because of failed webhdfs request Ambari errors with max length 1000byte, when using Mysql db with charset UTF8.Ambari breaks sudo and user access if Ambari Agent misconfigured Ambari usernames should not be converted to lowercase before storing in the DB.Ambari a configurable option for "LLAP's headroom space for YARN container".Ambari Status commands should enforce a timeout < heartbeat interval Ambari user principal name is not always lowercase in HDP 2.5 Ambari Widgets show incorrect values - Ambari Web Ambari[Grafana] Incorrect metric values displayed when there are multiple Kafka Brokers Ambari server does not come up after restart if cluster install fails. Ambari should be renamed to "Microsoft R Server Client". Ambari enable Atlas HA in HDP 2.5 because server cardinality should be 1+ Ambari dashboard HDFS links widget incorrectly shows 2 standby namenode Ambari service wizard: Customize service page keeps showing spinner. Ambari service should be supported on SLES11. Ambari Maps Can Include Dashes and Other Non-Word Characters Ambari warnings during Add Service Wizard includes seemingly nonsensical heapsize recommendations for AMS heap sizes. Ambari migration removes current permissions. Tez View Maps For Storm Are Not Being Escaped Correctly Ambari given to roles, should use generic role-based principals rather than hard-coded pseudo-role-based principals Ambari check for unset variables Ambari fails to start nodemanager due to unexpected return code from sudo su command on the pid file Ambari role command order to make Microsoft-R service check run after YARN is started. Ambari fetch_nonlocal_groups to false Can Prevent Services From Starting Ambari data is not available - AMS in distributed mode. Ambari client should work in a secured cluster Ambari Error in Ambari HAWQ Unit test with Python 2.6 Ambari UI: Memory leak while adding and removing property. Ambari does not support HBase on HTTPS mode. Ambari View Caching issue causes File does not exist: /user//pig/jobs/job_id/stdout and stderr. Pig View should work in SPNEGO enabled clusters. Ambari[BLUEPRINT] hive.metastore.uris contains single entry when deployed with metastore HA enabled. Ambari should be able to provide their own pre-req checks by supplying a jar fileAmbari stack-advisor support for Microsoft-R service. Ambari spark.yarn.max.executor.failures configuration in Spark Ambari definition Ambari service-specific repo for add-on services Ambari by roles in Users List page takes upto 20 secs to load with 1000+ users. Ambari granular role-based access control for custom actions Ambari protocols should be explicitly enabled and then filtered when Ambari starts up Ambari Remove unused mapred task sink configurations. Ambari might not be created Ambari service wizard getting stuck at Configure Identities page. Ambari goes down after installing cluster Ambari service wizard hung at Choose services page as no ClusterStackVersion is available with state=CURRENT Ambari fails to start after deployment Ambari Service wizard breaks on large clusters when persisting data in localStorage. Ambari consistency check should tolerate services with no configuration Ambari Service Check Fails During Upgrade Due to Missing Imports Ambari upgrade fails when add-on mpack is installed Ambari configs consistency check failed after upgrade from 2.1.1 to 2.4.2 Ambari Fails From 2.4.2 to 2.5 Due To Existing Role Authorizations Ambari upgrade fail from to dependency of HSI config 'hive.llap.zk.sm.connectionString' on 'enable_hive_interactive', so as to cover the HDP 2.4 -> 2.5 upgrade case, to get 'hive.llap.zk.sm.connectionString' updated.Ambari becomes stopped by itself after upgrade from to Ambari HDP upgrade, Ambari does not allow redirecting the /tmp/upgrade directory elsewhere Ambari upgrade failed while running "Alter Table blueprint" - blueprint_name column.Ambari rolling upgrade of Kafka, set configs for backward compatibility Ambari Breaks Stack Upgrade ChecksAmbari server start fails post upgrade to Ambari 2.4.1 Ambari widget update needs UpgradeCatalog handling Ambari upgrade fix for Ranger in secure env Ambari Summary Endpoint Throws NPEs Due To JPA Cached Entities With Missing IDs Ambari web UI alert after performing stack upgrade to HDP 2.5 and adding Atlas Service Ambari pre-req check code needs to be decoupled from CheckDescription classAmbari static attributes of config properties are lost after return to Customize Services step of Add Service WizardAmbari invalidation for hive view. Hive View paging works incorrectly with service and component filters Ambari wizard step2 page does not load properly. Ambari back to "Customize Services" page from "Review" page on installer/ASW loses all static attributes of properties Ambari UI does not allow to modify EMPTY threshold text of OK and WARNING.Ambari custom property to hive-site adds it to other 'Custom' panels on hive. Ambari host throws 500 Error with unique constraint violation. Ambari wizard-> Select Versions page: Selecting Red Hat Satellite option and clicking next button makes wizard stuck Ambari startup script doesn't work on SUSE and potentially other OS's. Ambari With Many Hosts Can Create Alerts With Text Too Large To Be Stored Ambari wizard loses request id on server restart Ambari page: after component filter hosts have wrong list of components<fix1> Ambari service management-pack should be able to contribute custom repo locations Ambari AMS collector move the webapp address does not changeAmbari advisor should set Hive map join related properties properlyAmbari, Hive deployment configures "org.apache.atlas.hive.hook.HiveHook" twice for "hive.exec.post.hooks" configAmbari, Atlas to specify HADOOP_CONF_DIR in livy-envAmbari, Spark Storm Sink: remove redundant information from kafka offset metrics on storm-kafkaAmbari server should have yarn-client installedAmbari, Zeppelin able to login using KnoxSSO if local/ldap Ambari User with same name existsAmbari, Knox in atlas logs for "index.search.elasticsearch.client-only" and "index.search.elasticsearch.local-mode" configsAmbari, Atlas port check fails when SSL is enabled, delete PORT alert since already have a WEB alert for Atlas daemonAmbari, Atlas is placed on every host and path is not cutomizableAmbari API for api/v1/clusters/<cluster_name>?fields=hosts/* does not return the metrics informationAmbari not being set on secure kafka clustersAmbari, Kafka Zeppelin service definitionAmbari, Zeppelin could not detect the spark-client that is dependency of livyAmbari, Spark Unmounted Alert produces false alerts when file:// URIs are usedAmbari the ability to perform interactive shell commands from Ambari server side actionsAmbari'ambari-server --version' command does not show build numberAmbari to add "javax.jdo.option.ConnectionPassword" to hive clients from ambariAmbari, Hive, Hive2 Ambari causes Alert fields not to save thresholdsAmbari formatted external url in ranger configuration - causes Namenode startup failureAmbari, Ranger scheduler view - problem with queue percent roundingCapSched View tez config tez.runtime.shuffle.fetch.buffer.percent and tez.runtime.shuffle.memory.limit.percentAmbari, Tez should provide XML, yaml, properties-diff capabilityAmbari "VIEW USER" role is not able to access "CAPACITY SCHEDULER (YARN)" and PIG viewsCapSched View requests are always executed as AMBARI.ADMINAmbari view should use Hive jdbc clientAmbari info under config tab for falconAmbari, Falcon KnoxSSO integration - Ambari config changesAmbari, Ranger[Ranger smart config] Do not auto fill Ranger AD authentication user search filter with the values from user sync user search filterAmbari, Ranger[AMS / Grafana] Metrics are staying flat for 1 minutes, causing rate calculations to be 0Ambari[Grafana] Rename "HBase - Performance" dashboard to "HBase - RegionServers"Ambari to not install rpcbind package unless NFSGateway component is includedAmbari data disk mount point permissionsAmbari copies jdbc driver jar into hadoop/lib and haoop-yarn/libAmbari Upgrade should remove older RCA Database tablesAmbari allows installing a component on more than one host even with cardinality as 0-1Ambari KnoxSSO supportAmbari, Knox[Hive View] - Save Default Settings should not permit empty parameter valuesHive View to install on Amazon Linux, Agent fails to recognize OSAmbari UI should have properties related to Policy manager user's credentials in Ranger usersync serviceAmbari, Ranger retry count for ranger functionsAmbari, Ranger view: Prevent multiple /database calls when the first call takes time or failsHive View & mapreduce.jobhistory.webapp.https.address property are not respectedAmbari should capture 'final' config attributesAmbari cluster to Kerberos the views should automatically adjust and work prior to the kerberizationCapSched View, File Browser View, Hive View, Pig View View: Date Filter editable in History TabHive View reporting ACID off on slider, but actually onAmbari advisor calls on a kerberized cluster should include all services and host mapping for all componentsAmbari logging to check_host.pyAmbari UI under replicated blocks do not match active NN reportsAmbari, HDFS'NameNode Last Checkpoint' script alert definition does not have default threshold parameters to trigger 'number of uncommitted transactionAmbari Current button doesn't work when 2 versions are being compared on Ambari UIAmbari instance specific data from one version to anotherPig View Integration properties are not populated by Ambari on blueprint deploymentAmbari View: Extract the directory viewer UI component so that other views can use itAmbari, File Browser View based installations should automatically add dfs.internal.nameservices during cluster creationAmbari up stack scripts that refer to dfs.nameservices to use dfs.internal.nameservices as first optionAmbari deploy marks dfs.ha.fencing.methods as a required propertyAmbari all log and PID dirs have "hadoop" groupAmbari a way in Grafana UI to show the metrics 'diff' over time.Ambari not expanding more than one field in host-name patternAmbari Operations window opening with avoid opening checkbox setAmbari Using the SKIPPED State Cause Stale Alert NotificationAmbari masters causes services to be shut down unnecessarily, causing avoidable downtimeAmbari names jar 'ojdbc6.jar' even though it is actually ojdbc7.jarAmbari as regular user (no cluster access at all) but background ops are running about clusterAmbari NullPointerException when unncessary config types found with %HOSTGROUP% tagsAmbari the 'hive.server2.thrift.port' and 'hive.server2.thrift.http.port' valuesAmbari validation of of stack_version id during API request to deeper entitiesAmbari ranger-env settings for admin and usersync log dir don't seem to do anythingRanger information shown for 'leveldb-timeline-store' location while moving App Timeline Server componentAmbari Smart configs : Need to hide Audit DB properties if Audit to DB is offAmbari, Ranger maintenance mode behaviour for host componentsAmbari Hive Database Host field is blank when postgres DB port is not 5432Ambari package requirements that are optional and config dependentAmbari should be able to validate HTTPS repo URLsAmbari configured audit store is 'solr' from ambari then audit_store value should be 'solr' in install.propertiesAmbari, Ranger more logging to KdcServerConnection. Verification to help with odd connection issuesAmbari Recommendation: dfs.datanode.du.reserved should be set to 10%-15% of volume sizeAmbari, HDFS can change properties that should not be reconfigurable and overridableAmbari should be possible to delete service components if all related host components are stoppedAmbari rid of wildcards in package names.Ambari eventual config changes should not recommend extra config changesAmbari Client Displays Incorrect Host Version Counts For Installed ReposAmbari"service_operator” role in Ambari shows no viewAmbari local admin endpoint doesn’t work when sso is enabled.Ambari not redefine "commandParams/version" in service stack scriptsAmbari with non-administrator permissions should not be presented with an option to edit stack repository URLsAmbari "Manage Ambari" button for non-admin usersAmbari Alert state is not visible for non-admin rolesAmbari all services not available for "Cluster Operator"Ambari authorization resource Id to be adminresource idAmbari Health Summary UNKNOWN from Standby ResourceManagerAmbari on ambari logo when cluster is in pre- deploy state leads to empty dashboardAmbari "phoenix.spool.directory" has incorrect value on Customize Services pageAmbari up stop agent to not print unnecessary error messageAmbari firewall check on CentOS7 while adding new host to clusterAmbari option "Enable RM HA" be available if no RM installed on the clusterAmbari hadoop.registry.rm.enabled value should be fetched from stack adviserAmbari smart config: Slider shows values in MB even when it is over 10GBAmbari service appears on UI even if security enabling was not completedAmbari users, when unauthenticated, should be forwarded to the Knox login URLAmbari should be supported in HDP-2.3.8.x lineAmbari, Knox install will fail if the property-type attribute of any service config property has a value in a stack not known to ambari-serverAmbari for log4j, env files is hardcoded to be custom in ui codeAmbari View: Handle user_type from users endpoint.Ambari client component to host mapping be available in command-*.jsonAmbari Kerberos Service Config page, "hull host" is shown in KDC categoryAmbari"webhdfs_service_urls" delay resolved parameter picking wrong portAmbari, Knox needs to support an explicit login URL for local usersAmbari should log into ambari-agent.log rather than to ambari-agent.outAmbari repository version resource handler update RESTful API to update metaInfo table as wellAmbari buttons on the Service Configs pageAmbari Checks on Add Hosts wizard are stuck if 2 sessions are activeAmbari - Ambari should use relative URLs when specifying target after loginAmbari Agent started on WebHcat Port (50111)Ambari falcon with blueprint, oozie extensions are missing, hence causing misconfigured installations that are using blueprint.Ambari, Falcon may click Next while Rerun Checks is executingAmbari connection fails if empy password is given for ranger DB root passwordAmbari, Ranger install zookeeper-*-server when installing ZKAmbari enabling ssl for ranger plugin, Quick link is not loading on Ambari UIAmbari, Ranger deployment should not assume the availability of hdfs-siteAmbari Service Wizard review page issue when Oozie select to add.Ambari behavior of paging on Alerts pageAmbari inheriting a stack make it possible not to inherit some servicesAmbari ambari.repo file causes bootstrap to fail.Ambari a service fails if service's desired state is STARTEDAmbari page doesn't show user propertiesAmbari ambari.repo has insufficient permissions for non-root ambari-server to read failure messages are confusingAmbari HMaster's heap size to be lower than 1GAmbari configs on 7 step of installer from stored configs without merging with predefinedAmbari response differs when using ambarisessionid and basic authAmbari url validation works incorrectAmbari service has no metrics deploying from blueprintAmbari -40488Step2 installer. Popup with hosts contains duplicatesAmbari back to go to confirm hosts leads to re-installationAmbari to add or install component defined with cardinality ALLAmbari running applications in Tez View it shows apps that are not in running stateTez Split point calculation not optimal for large clusters.Ambari wizard on large clusters is painfully slowAmbari, AMBARI-17454BUG-59434Add manual message for regenerating keytabs for Ranger upgradeAmbari, Ranger long time to start or fail to start service after enabling SSL due to "dfs.https.enable"Ambari JMX protocol values on large cluster takes too longAmbari tab takes a long time to populate when there is more entry in history table.Hive View cleanup /var/run/ambari-server/stack-recommendationsAmbari client requests handled by Jetty should not be blocked by JMX property providersAmbari configuration cache expiration caused 10,000's of database hits in large deploymentsAmbari restarting node manager through Ambari, the yarn.loca.dir permission got change from 755 to 775, and the other way around, causing long restarting time for nodemanagerAmbari is taking very long time to finishAmbari related parse exception on the perf cluster need to be looked atAmbari should report about slow sudo hostsAmbari API takes over one minute to provide data for 1000 nodesAmbari Config Groups: revert changes takes too much timeAmbari `fileNamesToUpdate` calculation timeAmbari value incorrect when adding Hive to a Kerberized ClusterAmbari principal can't be customizedAmbari Allow multiple KDC hosts to be set while enabling KerberosAmbari access to callers with valid Knox authorization cookieAmbari should not use ldap_user field after introducing user_type one.Ambari hangs on step 2Ambari configurations in enable kerbros wizardAmbari Kerberos-related fields are to be made read-only in the service configuration screensAmbari Web UI stuck with wire encryption enabled and no truststore setupAmbari creating JWT user if local one with same name existsAmbari Show message on login page if authentication failedAmbari "Cluster User" should not be able to "start/stop/restart service component" component on "Host Actions"Ambari AD security fails with 500 server errorAmbari for headless principals with cached keytab files are changed unnecessarilyAmbari deploy not adding proxyuser entries to core-site.xmlAmbari Timeline Server start fails on a kerberized cluster due to absence of hdfs keytabAmbari masters go offline after kerberization on, Ranger rule generation duplicates default rules when adding case-insensitive default rulesAmbari should process known template config filesAmbari metastore alerts are present after upgrade/downgrade and enabling securityAmbari is set to false in secure clusterAmbari bit keeps getting changed back to 777 after restart causing security checks to failAmbari server restart is failing to find hdfs.headless.keytab invoked by setup_ranger_hbaseAmbari, Ranger Agent security bypassed in Python=>2.7.9Ambari statrtup is failing in HA cluster in wireencypted clusterAmbari Service wizard: All kerberos related configurations shown on Configure Identities page should be made non-editable on configure services pageAmbari description of SERVICE.ADD_DELETE_SERVICES permissionAmbari the correct authentication and authorization between Kafka and ZooKeeperAmbari, Kafka, AMBARI-17520BUG-61122Storm service check is failing with Ranger on kerberized cluster if randomized principal is usedRanger wire-encryption enabled, Quick Links in Ambari UI points to incorrect atlas web urlAmbari, Atlas[KMS] kms.log file gets biggerAmbari, Ranger Enabling Ranger plugin for hive-server interactive, plugin related required files are not created in hive2-confAmbari, Ranger encryption did not happen as key wasnt createdAmbari, Ranger Ranger Admin HA Wizard failsAmbari, Ranger PatchPersmissionModel_J10003 is blocking upgrade when there's large amount of userAmbari, Ranger installation failure with IndexErrorAmbari, Zeppelin INSTALL failsAmbari, Zeppelin OOM while bootingAmbari, HBase[Ranger-Upgrade] after upgrade getting alert for ranger admin process connectionAmbari, Ranger view throws a 401 when looking at live progress of a running jobAmbari, Tez, YARN should be 10 secAmbari, Storm table using Hive view will fail if Hive database is created with Location optionAmbari and spark.yarn.am.extraJavaOptions property is set to emptyAmbari, Spark not createdAmbari two users are created differing in case then no users are shown due to errorAmbari desired state for services/components on restartAmbari, AMBARI-17662BUG-60068Atlas HA fails to come up with error finding idsAmbari, Atlas is attempting to install Tez Client, causing install to failAmbari to create data-mirroring directory in HDFS if extensions is supportedAmbari, Falcon throws log4j error "FileNotFoundException : /grid/0/log/yarn/hrt_qa/rm-audit.log"Ambari, YARN needs a dynamic dependency on Tez and SparkAmbari Version 2 deployment failsAmbari cluster installation with blueprint is failing when installing only Kafka + AMS +ZooKeeperAmbari View: Upload Table : Support for Date and Timestamp type detection according to hive specsHive View history server & thrift server failed with "Too small initial heap"Ambari, Spark service check fails and creates /user/ambari-qa directory with wrong permissionsAmbari uses too small a window for region server shutdownAmbari ugsync with LDAP is not able to fetch group information (2.2.0)Ambari PUT fails on Amazon LinuxAmbari tag on a property in stack definition is not honored after cluster deploymentAmbari UI hits "Error in persisting web client state at ambari server: Error 0"Ambari History Server heap size is not exposed (History Server crashed with OOM)Ambari, Spark[Hive View]Unavailable Column Search should throw 'No Match' messageHive View View does not work with multi-bytesHive View Service check fails because collector takes too long to start up.Ambari HA wizard cannot recover from server restart at Step 6Ambari Admin privilege required for Pig View. 403 error received when opening Pig View by a non-admin userPig View[Hive view] Break in UI for query settings in FirefoxHive View activemq from activemq-core to activemq-all in the Falcon startup propertiesAmbari, Falcon[UI Issue]Execution of empty pig script allowed from UIPig View[Hive View] Error while Closing unsaved SheetHive View metrics to collector if metric system is stopped gracefully in the Sink daemonAmbari View : Upload table : show UI validation errors while creating table.Hive View View and Pig View : one user overriding job details of other user in databaseHive View, Pig View connect string for Ranger modified wrong for non-default portAmbari View synchronized around entire connection creation causing deadlockHive View a new script in Ambari Pig View hangsPig View restarting, Ambari-agent goes in heartbeat lost state due to other java processes configurationsAmbari able to edit Pig script tabPig View marked as INITIAL standby could potentially never start if other namenode is downAmbari does not show ATS is down even when the service is downAmbari metrics gaps/inconsistencies in dataAmbari, YAaS does not use HTTPS protocol for the Falcon QuickLink when TLS is enabled for FalconAmbari Ambari should delete any pyc filesAmbari falsely reporting Hiveserver2 upAmbari, Hive 2.4.0 upgrade: Ranger User sync settings control broken in Ambari UIAmbari, Ranger fails to start when using custom data directory (sles11sp3)Ambari Browser View should have some checks before starting similar to Pig ViewFile Browser View View should have some checks before starting similar to Pig ViewHive View should verify JAVA_HOME ConsistencyAmbari Ambari Agent restart currently running commands on that agent should be immediately abortedAmbari service check fails due to syntax errorAmbari on version not installed hosts from the versions page does not workAmbari[Forward port to trunk] Component (ATS/HCAT) install intermittently fails on Suse due to repo unavailabilityAmbari checks should not be performed if 0 hosts registerAmbari alert parameters with shell characters are not properly escapedAmbari START failedAmbari cluster in Ambari breaks alertsAmbari becomes unresposive after version incompatible ExceptionAmbari'Oozie' and 'Metrics Collector' restart/start failedAmbari into Ambari UI when user only has access to views causes browser to cycle between login page and loading screenAmbari admin user cannot login anymoreAmbari config overrides doesn't work when adding config to new group.Ambari freeze after login as a view userAmbari with SERVICE.MODIFY_CONFIGS authorization fails with 403 status updating configsAmbari File View: Warning does not go awayFile Browser View fail to workAmbari, Spark is too long for a constraint identifierAmbari to delete config group in Install WizardAmbari error appeared after pid dir and log dir property set to value with space at startAmbari translation of different view resource type entities to all be of type VIEWAmbari components fail to install on trunkAmbari error on quick links if service wasn't installed successfully using ASWAmbari non-supported version of python is set as default, Ambari fails in multiple placesAmbari checks does not report all errors in the very first check after Ambari Agent gets installed/registeredAmbari UI behaviour if host registration request failsAmbari package folders on ambari-server causes corresponding component restart to failAmbari Agent logging set up incorrectAmbari of empty package folder in stack definition breaks the serviceAmbari Server and Agent should be more resilent when disk fullAmbari "DataNode Process" creates ERROR messages in datanode logAmbari value not saved when going back in RM HA wizardAmbari service check fails after Moving Oozie ServerAmbari alert on "NameNode High Availability Health" due to Missing JMX objectsAmbari Summary: failed requests to widget metricsAmbari after renaming config group and creating new one with the same nameAmbari View: Setting cluster name to more than 100 chars hangs ambari-serverAmbari during EU while applying Ranger Java patchesAmbari, Ranger[EU] Ranger upgrade fails in prepare upgrade stepAmbari, Ranger, AMBARI-9429BUG-30618Versions: hosts got out of sync and could not install versionAmbari Oozie workflow goes in SUSPENDED state during Rolling upgradeAmbari, Oozie[RU/EU] According to Atlas run-book, implement upgrade for Atlas componentAmbari Rolling Upgrade- Upgraded from HDP to HDP 2.3.2 changes the hiveserver 2 port from 10000 to 10010 after upgrade is completeAmbari, Hive did not get updated after ambari upgradeAmbari in mahout package installation upon retry is not correctly reported causing EU to failAmbari Gateway uses wrong keystore after upgradeAmbari, Knox - RU/EU, when initiating a downgrade, should ensure that request to ABORT upgrade returns 200Ambari 2.2.0 breaks backward compatibility with HDP 2.3.2 and below due to spark configs with hdp.version being removedAmbari, Spark"ambari-server upgrade" shouldn't automatically add stack configsAmbari Ugrade stuck on getting status on 1600 node clusterAmbari : Warning Alert for Atlas (HTTP 500 response from) is present after upgrade to upgrade ambari-env.sh was changed (WARNING: Can not find ambari-env.sh.rpmsave file from previous version)Ambari service check failed during EU (Intermittent)Ambari does not handle Kafka .8.* topics well (Changes broker IDS)Ambari, Kafka ATS Should Advertise a VersionAmbari should check DN and RS liveliness differently, need to wait longer and check if process if up if liveliness check failsAmbari upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3, 2.4 doesn't copy ranger-site propertiesAmbari, Ranger heapsize cannot be changed in Ambari- or greater post Ambari Server upgrade, even though the bug should be fixedAmbari PreCheck to ensure dfs.client.retry.policy.enable is set to falseAmbari, HDFS upgrade for 2.0.x version to 2.1.x doesn't retain properties value from ranger-siteAmbari, Ranger on failure during RU/EUAmbari up errors during RU/EUAmbari not present in table 'roleauthorization' error during upgrade from 2.2.1 to 2.4.0Ambari params to alert definitions during ambari upgradeAmbari step retries overwrite logs from previous runAmbari Wizard popup displayed over login pageAmbari downgrade, cluster desired configurations are not setAmbari for EU: Downgrade goes through all steps even if initiated at first prompt, should exit since hasn't changed stack/configsAmbari upgrade, Ambari UI does not show versions tabAmbari Upgrade: Install Packages is throwing exception "Caught a system exception while attempting to create a resource"Ambari Upgrades are duplicating Service ChecksAmbari Upgrade: internal server error due to XML binding tasks to groupingsAmbari to create a Rolling Upgrade leaves an incorrect desired stateAmbari hdp-select failure Ambari won't retry resulting in most components failures with strange outputAmbari views logs should be more verbose and should include info/error/debug logs at appropriate placesCapSched View, File Browser View, Hive View, Pig View Views logs should include information of view instanceFile Browser View, Hive View, Pig View Host message is incorrect, suggests all Clients will be deleted from clusterAmbari works opposite on Config History tab for config groupsAmbari Ambari UI Persistent Error messageAmbari Quick Links is missing in AmbariAmbari[Hive View] EXPLAIN text is spilling outHive View view: typo in message shown on upload files windowFile Browser View query queues doesn't fit in the Interactive query boxAmbari Alerts with ALERT NAMES in Alerts UI is not working as expectedAmbari all operations shown on "Background Operations" windowAmbari issues popup should have "Continue Anyway" button is in green (success) colorAmbari the same colors for cpu metrics between summary and host pageAmbari hosts with alerts by name gives incorrect resultsAmbari markup of some Accumulo metrics widgetsAmbari loses all privileges after page refresh on Install WizardAmbari check doesn't show warning about working firewall on the host (Suse only)Ambari box exists on the page after configs rerenderAmbari[UI] Kerberos-> Configs -> description tooltip is not appearing for checkboxesAmbari elements are overlapping on Script Details UI for Pig ViewPig View Admin: fix 'clear filters' link display condition in Versions table and apply it to other tablesAmbari in error message displayed when connection fails in Hive viewAmbari repos for the current os are not defined install_packages doesn't show errorAmbari Admin: incorrect cluster filter behaviour on Versions pageAmbari Smart Configs: Inconsistent values on sliderAmbari Add Service wizard, Ranger Admin Tab shows red badge for unknown propertyAmbari, Ranger missing from header bar in UIAmbari with the Cluster Operator role sees incorrect cluster-level options in Ambari UIAmbari Service Wizard: Ranger requirements popup is displayed twice when adding Ranger ServiceAmbari, Ranger into Ambari UI when role is less than Cluster Administrator brings user to Views pageAmbari with task logs is too wideAmbari poup: non-existing properties do not retain their initial value in "current value" columnAmbari Config Group name validatonAmbari icon doesn't show up when group is not default.Ambari loaded in model unsortedAmbari width for quick links dropdownAmbari to see/print configuration changes that will be performed as part of an UpgradeAmbari on the configs comparisonAmbari popup should distinguish between empty value property and absent properties from current configurationAmbari sorting icons on config history pageAmbari config controls are shown in Advanced TabAmbari of required fields in Details section of Create View Instance UI should include an asteriskAmbari UI doesn't show correct cluster infoAmbari name field on hosts page is too shortAmbari Kerberos: Config values should be trimmedAmbari button doesn't hide Dependent Configurations messageAmbari ZooKeeper Server dropdown behaviour on step 5 of installerAmbari the user if the user is about to delete a host with slaves that are not in decommissioned stateAmbari or Warning Alerts Popup: tooltips don't work after using paginationAmbari Dependent Configurations messageAmbari Host wizard: Configurations step is emptyAmbari alerts hintAmbari config: configs version box: repo version should be consistent with other infoAmbari of services menu container is fixed and causes part of longer service names to be rendered outside the frameAmbari service order when sorting on the allerts pageAmbari error message in Tez UI leads to confusionTez