Apache Ambari Release Notes
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Patch Information

Ambari is based on Apache Ambari 2.5.1 and the following patches:.

Table 1.4. Apache Ambari Patches

Apache Jira


AMBARI-21045Enable Storm's AutoTGT configs in secure mode
AMBARI-21092HSI start failed due to Unrecognized VM option 'UseParallelGC-Xss512k' during EU (missing space)
AMBARI-21109After decommission of a Nodemanager, the state of the Nodemanager shows Decommissioning instead of decommissioned
AMBARI-21110ambari-server setup fails with default postgres
AMBARI-21116Setting yarn.node-labels.fs-store.root-dir to a "path" changes the permission of the "root path"
AMBARI-21117Existing hosts state didn't save after host was added
AMBARI-21118HDP + HDF cluster cannot save configs for Storm when Streamline is installed due to missing configs
AMBARI-21121Missing storm-site.xml in HDP-2.6 stack
AMBARI-21125Ambari STS2 checker should use principal in secure cluster
AMBARI-21129Nimbus fails to start when Ambari is upgraded to 2.5.1, EU to HDP 2.6.1, and cluster is then Kerberized
AMBARI-21131Add NIFI JAAS Config StackFeatures to HDP StackFeatures
AMBARI-21135Kafka service fails to start during EU from HDF 202 to 30 while resolving /etc/kafka/conf
AMBARI-21136Upgrading Ambari to 2.5.1 stops Storm's nimbus in secure moded