Apache Ambari Upgrade
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Preparing to Upgrade

  • Be sure to review the Ambari release notes for Known Issues and Behavioral Changes.

  • You must have root, administrative, or root-equivalent authorization on the Ambari server host and all servers in the cluster.

  • You must backup the Ambari Server database.

  • You must make a safe copy of the Ambari Server configuration file found at /etc/ambari-server/conf/ambari.properties.

  • Plan to upgrade the Ambari Metrics service:

    • Record the location of the Metrics Collector component before you begin the upgrade process.

    • You must stop the Ambari Metrics service from Ambari Web.

    • After upgrading Ambari, you must also upgrade Ambari Metrics System and add the Grafana component.

  • After upgrading Ambari, you must also upgrade SmartSense.

  • Upgrade Ambari to version 2.5x, based on your current Ambari Server version.

    The following table lists recommended () upgrade paths.

    From / To







If your current Ambari version is 1.7 or below, you must upgrade the Ambari Server version to 2.2 before upgrading to version 2.5.

During Ambari upgrade, the existing /var/lib/ambari-server/ambari-env.sh file is overwritten and a backup copy of ambari-env.sh (with extension .rpmsave) is created. If you have manually modified ambari-env.sh (for example, to change Ambari Server heap), you will need to re-apply your changes to the new file.

Next Steps

Upgrade Ambari

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Upgrade Ambari Metrics

Add Grafana

Upgrade SmartSense

Ambari Release Notes

Upgrade the Ambari Server version to 2.2