Apache Ambari Release Notes
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Fixed Issues

The following table lists selected issues resolved in Ambari 2.6:



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Components Data Manager script should use gzip compression typeAmbari build artifacts are not uploaded to maven centralAmbari Superset as a top-level project in HDPAmbari,Druid and Patch Upgrade Catalog Changes for 2.6.0Ambari 3.0 - [AMBARI-21173] Not able to start Yarn services after restoring the configs to initial valueAmbari,YARN RM restart, LLAP app starts up after many failed application attemptsAmbari,Hive2 PU Effort to branch-2.xAmbari,AMBARI-21634,AMBARI-22027BUG-88463Add UID/GID related issueAmbari Hard Coded stack-select StructuresAmbari Hard Coded conf-select StructuresAmbari DLM installation on a fresh cluster, most of the services require restartAmbari,Data Lifecycle Manager services when Kerberos is enabled to reduce number of core service restarts when services are addedAmbari to view HDP or HDF stack version.Ambari ResourceManager HA host group placeholders in blueprintsAmbari not use 'dbo' schema name in idempotent Ambari DDL generator for AzureDB.Ambari does not display metric data on widgets when the JMX path contains the '-' character.Ambari,AMBARI-22062BUG-84968Stack selection page does not load the HDP stacks [Intermittent]Ambari Service Doesn't Display Correct Hadoop Version on Stacks PageAmbari upgrade process still puts the new views jar to default location even if views.dir is customized in ambari.propertiesAmbari,Ambari View installation stuck on Customize Services PageAmbari tests started under uid=0 and uid > 0 works differentlyAmbari unit test failure in ExecutionCommandWrapperTestAmbari of install_packages uses version string instead of repo_version_idAmbari config missing from spark-defaults.confAmbari,Spark should expose whether a service is able to rolling-restart instead of hard coding service nameAmbari in get_package_from_available() can match wrong pkgAmbari remove code which adds ELExtension properties while adding FalconAmbari Package Names in CentOS Cause Installation FailuresAmbari provider doesn't parses installed packages in a same way on different CentOS versionsAmbari Ambiguous Repository Version When Creating Clusters via BlueprintsAmbari should not have configuration dependencies of 'ranger-admin-site' and 'ranger-ugsync-site'Ambari,Ranger server log is constantly populated with 'Config inconsistency exists: unknown configType=solr-site' even after Solr deletion due to existence of config groupAmbari restart instructions in case of OUT_OF_SYNCAmbari fix service config mapping issue discovered during ambari-upgradeAmbari / Maint UI Minor Style AdjustmentsAmbari server stopped due to incorrect config being set on Regenerate keytabs post IOP stack upgradeAmbari Entities Which Can't Be Removed Should Be Hide-ableAmbari services during stack upgrade if Kerberos is enabled to reduce number of core service restarts when services are addedAmbari Utility Script to support Solr Collection Data Retention/Purging/ArchivingAmbari PATCH VDFs with Services that are not Included in the ClusterAmbari notebook to be stored by default in HDFS (Ambari)Ambari,Zeppelin Versions page is missing repository URLAmbari start is failing due to "ImportError: cannot import name _common"Ambari Wizard fails if there is an issue with Datanode start.Ambari AMBARI-21850: Keep Hive/LLAP log4j properties file in syncAmbari repoinfo.xml needs to expose component for Ubuntu reposAmbari during blueprint generationAmbari Applications Do Not Move From Active to Done After UpgradeAmbari,YARN Rename hive.custom-extensions.rootAmbari hive.custom-extensions.root from Hive Properties.Ambari Service check failure in Ambari with kerberos enabledAmbari,Spark an error if unsupported database JDBC driver is configured for HDP servicesAmbari should ignore OS that are not managed by AmbariAmbari History Should Show Advertised VersionsAmbari AmbariServerTestAmbari to proceed to Choose services stepAmbari Heap Usage (Daily) metric alert status flips to UNKNOWN intermittently when AMS HTTPS is enabledAmbari NPE in InstallHostTaskAmbari is setting "atlas.graph.storage.hostname" to hbase hostname, instead it should set the zookeeper quorum.Ambari redundant smokeuser entry from Ranger KMS Kerberos descriptorAmbari,Ranger Not Scheduling ConfigureAction Tasks During PATCH/MAINT UpgradesAmbari concurrency max calculated value should not be less than its current valueAmbari down LLAP when HSI startup failsAmbari identity references should use the "reference" attributeAmbari button does not enable if we go back to Assign master pageAmbari case if component package doesn't advertise his version, Ambari silently failing on deploy stack stepsAmbari clients are being additionally installed via Add service wizardAmbari HDFS Heatmaps are not showing data (Not Applicable) for bytes read, bytes written & DataNode Process Network I/O UtilizationAmbari to IOP 4.2.5 from IOP 4.1 failed with combined Solr host names longer than item_text column size in table upgrade_itemAmbari updates database/tables location from intended remote HDFS to local HDFSAmbari Run Service Check for SPARK Picks up SPARK2Ambari AMS heap recommendations in stack advisorAmbari broken zeppelin python unit testAmbari,Zeppelin Next from Customize Services -> Misc tab does not load the Review page while installation of Perf stackAmbari provision should allow repo version and repo version id be null to allow default stack version deploymentAmbari showing confirmation when no services will be installed.Ambari Builds Fail With Forked VM Error On TestsAmbari UI: DAG - All Task Attempts displays no records availableAmbari Feeder should not support german month namesAmbari sticky bit for curl_krb_cacheAmbari tez.runtime.shuffle.ssl.enable=false in Ambari for HSIAmbari,Hive2 upgrade check dialog style issuesAmbari history view style issueAmbari major.minor version 52.0 when using com.networknt:json-schema-validatorAmbari Hosts page while enabling HSI does not loadAmbari host through blueprint failedAmbari of service component after patching a service still keeps the component at base versionAmbari not copy tez tarball to HDFS during prepare upgrade (EU)Ambari deploys failing intermittently with error "Stack features not defined by stack"Ambari interpreter errors (unable to impersonate users/ LLAP or Hive CNF issue) due to missing proxy configsAmbari,Spark list in the ambari UI select stack page goes out of bounds when HDF is installed with HDPAmbari dialog style issuesAmbari and versions view style issuesAmbari auto start broken due to incomplete execution commandAmbari of all components on host operation failed with 500 status codeAmbari Client Configs failsAmbari "hdfs.headless.keytab" has incorrect permissionAmbari Data Manager should use --line-delimited option by defaultAmbari Data Manager script should provide non-destructive archive download optionAmbari heatmaps tab loading stuckAmbari unit tests to test recursive variable replacements using VariableReplacementHelperAmbari for backward compatibility in how identity references are specifiedAmbari symlinks for Solr Data ManagerAmbari Hadoop Home Directory Is Being Picked Up on MAINT/PATCH Upgraded ClustersAmbari start failedAmbari dfs.permissions.superusergroup as group propertyAmbari Created Cluster Is Throwing Constant ExceptionsAmbari HiveServer2 Interactive Start failedAmbari Are Not TransactionalAmbari python UT failsAmbari server silent setup for embedded database option fails sometimeAmbari install fails on Debian7 with 'EMPTY_FILE' global variable not definedAmbari hostgroup vars for DruidAmbari package installation failed on devdeploysAmbari ambari defaults for property hive.druid.indexer.segments.granularityAmbari,Druid Client install failsAmbari,HDFS,Ranger deploy fails on secure cluster with incorrect KERBEROS_KEYTAB/PRINCIPAL on setting INSTALL_DRUIDAmbari,Druid and Hive Metastore Start failed because permission denied "/apps/hive/cmroot" directoryAmbari,Data Lifecycle Manager,Hive2 Notebook Start after kerberos enabledAmbari,Zeppelin start failed due to hadoop-hdfs-zkfc is not supportedAmbari Version Fails On IOP Cluster Due To Missing stack_packages StructureAmbari and hostname built-in variables are not populated when performing Kerberos-related operationsAmbari created using Blueprints rejects hosts even though their host_name matches host predicateAmbari to add a new property to support proxy users for Atlas serviceAmbari,Atlas unnecessary identity blocks from the Druid Kerberos descriptor fileAmbari,Druid Storm Supervisor from Ambari always fails while Stop and Start works fineAmbari cleanup of ambari utility and ambari metrics modulesAmbari install failsAccumulo,Ambari Upgrade from IOP 4.2 to HDP 2.6.2 AMS failed to start before finalizingAmbari Hive 2 LLAP cluster doesn't have the metastore warehouse directoryAmbari,Cloudbreak,Hive2 Service Checks Fails Because of Old hadoop-client Classpath EntryAmbari installation of 2.6.2 version during IOP migration it's showing Installed not upgrade in UIAmbari requires HDFS to be always present while installingAmbari,SmartSense collector fails to stop/start after WE in a HDP + HDF integration on SLES12Ambari "Hotfix" from Admin Register VersionAmbari + HDF integration fails as some symlinks could not be createdAmbari Hive failed on Sles12Ambari,Hive Admin Start fails on Ubuntu 16Ambari,Ranger Ci failing due to Zeppelin service check failureAmbari,Zeppelin provider in-memory maps are refreshed too slowly after config updatesAmbari requests(Rolling Restart, HSI enable/disable, decommission/recommission) not working when Ambari is configured with Knox proxyAmbari Include/Exclude breaks parallel operations and can't be turned offAmbari rebuilds custom auth_to_local rules changing its case sensitiveness option (/L) depending on the case_insensitive_username_rules.Ambari for keytab regeneration to be filtered for hostsAmbari topology_mappings.data has 0644 permissionsAmbari not workingAmbari should honor permissions specified for dfs.datanode.data.dir.perm when creating datanode dir'sAmbari kerberos.json files to ensure they meet the expected schemaAmbari xmlparser and configEdit API in Solr by defaultAmbari log size is growing in GB's for atlasAmbari,Atlas can't add node via Ambari UI when being part of both "cluster user" and "cluster admin" roles.Ambari Host wizard breaks on large clusters when persisting data in localStorageAmbari fix DB operation works consistently so it can be widely usedAmbari crash due to OOM because LLAP sending too many events.Ambari,Hive2,Tez and UI need to distinguish repo_version records by using the Stack NameAmbari failure: Oozie service check fails if Falcon is not installedAmbari,Oozie restart for large cluster needs longer sleep after stop and longer retriesAmbari upgrade should update unique constraintsAmbari a Component on a Host With Mixed Repos Invokes stack-select For AllAmbari Server Setup Code Fails Because of Missing Stack UpgradeAmbari version should be attached right next to the STANDARDAmbari confirmation when installing PATCH versionAmbari ru_set_all is not working correctly due to changed command structureAmbari View - Register Version should correctly display PATCH versionAmbari For Target Stack Are Not Created During UpgradeAmbari upgrade from IOP to HDP, ranger audit properties need to be deletedAmbari,Ranger Adding a New Service the Repository ID is RequiredAmbari upgrade packs for scopeAmbari upgrade with version less than current should be displayedAmbari AMBARI-12556 UI Work For Patch/Service UpgradesAmbari History Page Doesn't Display After Performing a PATCH UpgradeAmbari VDF and xsd to support MAINT upgradesAmbari Repositories Not Visible in Web ClientAmbari via API whether a service will participate in an upgradeAmbari Orchestration to support MAINTAmbari Pre-Checks Should Take PATCH/SERVICE Types Into AccountAmbari Checks Will Run Multiple Times In Patch/Service UpgradesAmbari't register multiple PATCH versionsAmbari Patch Reversion in the Web ClientAmbari must consume API to show whether a service will be upgradedAmbari Wizard Has Incorrect TitleAmbari Warns that it is Permanent Even For PATCH UpgradesAmbari History Is too VerboseAmbari,AMBARI-21756BUG-86008Use latest-vdf for default when version is unspecifiedAmbari Client Doesn't Display MAINT Repos CorrectlyAmbari and Patch Upgrade Catalog Changes for 2.6 - additional fixesAmbari Associated Repository is Wrong for Downgrades and PatchesAmbari Reversion Dialog Has Some ClippingAmbari and Style Changes For Upgrade HistoryAmbari API call is made 1000 times per minute after Ambari upgradeAmbari New Clusters from Being Provisioned With PATCH/MAINT ReposAmbari proxy user settings are not configured in core-site.xml on upgraded cluster from Ambari 2.4.2 -and HDP 2.5.2Ambari HDP upgrade validationAmbari Confirmation Message Incorrectly Lists All HostsAmbari 'End Time' and 'Duration' shown in Upgrade HistoryAmbari,AMBARI-21820,AMBARI-21917BUG-86825Some services had issue coming up after express upgrade on IOP clustersAmbari for MAINT upgrade should not mention revertAmbari Version Listing Has Alignment Problems if Display Name is Too LongAmbari for Revert should not be a trash canAmbari for the Stacks and Versions Page Repo Isn't CenteredAmbari icon for services should not show for CURRENT reposAmbari Hiding of PATCH RepositoryAmbari Upgrade Fails Because Of Missing TableAmbari Icon Is Cutoff On Stacks and Versions PageAmbari Version Bubbles Are Selected Multiple Times For Patched ServicesAmbari and MAINT Orchestrations Should Only Invoke stack-select On Specific PackagesAmbari consistency check fails after upgrade to ambari 2.6.0Ambari stack version column viewAmbari Hidden Repos To Become Visible So They Can Be Made Visible PermanentlyAmbari,AMBARI-21854BUG-86973Adapt Repository Files For Existing DeploymentsAmbari,AMBARI-21869BUG-85463Pre-upgrade check option well before starting upgrade processAmbari Patch/Maint Bubbles To Type ColumnsAmbari version showing as Upgrade when INSTALL_FAILEDAmbari to Ambari 2.6.0 fails with DB constraint violation on fk_sc_history_upgrade_idAmbari and MAINT Repositories Should Indicate that they can be RevertedAmbari Ranger & KMS should be stopped before backupAmbari History Style ChangesAmbari"Retry" upgrade doesn't work if a server action times outAmbari on ambari-server host does not start when server is not upgradedAmbari Client Should Only Show Revert Action On Revertable RepositoriesAmbari Correct Packages For Clients Where Stack Tools Support ItAmbari server schema upgrade failed while creating DRUID_SUPERSET componentAmbari schema upgrade from any version older than 2.5.1 fails due to incorrect version checkAmbari Daemon is hung when task is killed in the middle of orc tail reads (org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.shortcircuit.DfsClientShmManager.allocSlot)Ambari,Hive2 flag is available for a property which is 'Undefined' in Default config groupAmbari And Versions Page Displays Wrong Version For ServiceAmbari Installation is failing If Patch-VDF contain service that is not installed in the cluster.Ambari should handle rejection of PATCH VDFAmbari need to add new fields to RepositoriesAmbari versions written differently from base install and register versionAmbari in Hosts page shows 'switch to <conf_group>' even though <conf_group> is already selectedAmbari MAINT Upgrade Message About Existing ServicesAmbari Already Installed Icon Appears On Old RepoAmbari upgrade don't delete stale constraintsAmbari Take Target Read-Only Properties On Stack UpgradeAmbari schema upgrade failure as views destination path dir already existsAmbari symlink for storm after patch upgradeAmbari upgrade is going into incorrect state during package installation with invalid VDFAmbari button TypeErrorAmbari restart failed saying AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'upper' during EUAmbari error message on UI after performing downgrade - Before finalizing the upgradeAmbari,AMBARI-22081BUG-88501Stack and Versions page is stuck while trying to install a new stackAmbari upgrade stack due to "Version XXXXX does not contain services that are installed."Ambari Which Are Correct Never Get ResolvedAmbari to restart Ranger Admin during HDP downgrade.Ambari Page Version Dropdown Clipped/Making ScrollbarAmbari Upgrade the Icons Showing Required Services Is WrongAmbari Wizard Expand Details Does Not WorkAmbari option is missing when MAINT type PU is doneAmbari Upgrade UI Change: Exclamation Icon's Center shouldn't be transparentAmbari Do Not Finalize If Other Host Versions Are Out of SyncAmbari displays Patch version even after full stack upgradeAmbari should not be able to "Ignore and Proceed" to finalizeAmbari Components On Patched Clusters Can Result In Symlink Issues With conf DirectoriesAmbari With No Components On Them Are Shown as UpgradeableAmbari Fixes for Maint Repo Version DisplayAmbari cluster Shows Upgrade If Component Didn't Report VersionAmbari stack versions shown as "Not installed" on 0 hostsAmbari check failures for Yarn and MR after patch upgradeAmbari,AMBARI-22178BUG-89585Install and upgrade options are shown for current and already upgraded stack versionsAmbari Client Should Never List Any Upgrade Actions On Only Stack In SystemAmbari schema upgrade fails when upgrading ambari from to and using oracle as databaseAmbari to ignore service check failures during UpgradeAmbari able to perform revert after deleting the upgraded serviceAmbari schema upgrade failed for Postgres DB with PSQLException for column "legacy"Ambari in Repo Column is Too ShortAmbari Patch Upgrades With Known Service IncompatibilitiesAmbari "Preparing Ranger Admin" step failed on RUAmbari,Ranger UI shown Null when on Patch revert.Ambari was not started on Oracle due to missing tableAmbari"ambari-server upgrade" failed on db schemaAmbari Schema Upgrade Failed during Ambari UpgradeAmbari current_version for Backward CompatibilityAmbari Downgrade is failed ZKFCAmbari service check failed during EU from 2.5 to 2.6 as ZeppelinServer can not be instantiatedAmbari service check failed during EUAmbari,Druid of random service could fail during express downgradeAmbari HDFS/JOURNALNODE failed on revert patch upgrade.Ambari RU failed on "Updating configuration sqoop-atlas-application.properties"Ambari registration failure during patch upgrade + Debian + Oracle runAmbari upgrade failed when migrating from IOP- to,Knox Admin restart failed during EU with SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationExceptionAmbari,Ranger to remove ZooKeeper on heartbeat lost hostsAmbari,AMBARI-21908BUG-87323Unable to Add a Service after deleting a service which had custom config groupAmbari changes for Moving MastersAmbari Replaces the Value of Undefined Service Configuration Properties with "Undefined" in Default Config Group If the Same Property is Defined in Different Config GroupAmbari to remove override from config groupAmbari host recovery - backend changesAmbari new graphs to HBase RegionServer dashboard in Grafana.Ambari group filter in Dashboard page shows 'All' even if you choose a config groupAmbari to add a property to Default conf group which has same property name as in custom config groupAmbari returns 500 error for create config group requestAmbari part: Server returns 500 error for create config group requestAmbari task for Host RecoveryAmbari config versions for a config group are disabled right after renaming the config groupAmbari Filter has a preselected component from a deleted conf group while adding hosts to a new conf group. Hosts listed are not correct eitherAmbari"Next" button on "Assign Masters" page gets disabled when installing AmbariAmbari config groups at Add Service Wizard doesn't show host with selected components from filterAmbari to add hosts to Config GroupsAmbari log level control is brokenAmbari does not work properly when dealing with filesAmbari Properties filter does not work for Config GroupsAmbari AMS collector heap size validation loopAmbari Change: Rename "Rerun Checks" button to "Rerun Pre-Upgrade Checks"Ambari enabling NameNode HA, Yarn and MapReduce2 shows stale configsAmbari new Log Aggregation format for Yarn default configuration in AmbariAmbari,YARN Enable Kerberos wizard initiates Disable kerberos callAmbari Chrome, Service separating lines are off by a pixelAmbari progress bar positioning during maintenance packages installingAmbari moving master, a manual commands wizard came in betweenAmbari /etc/zeppelin/conf/external-dependency-conf/ and put /etc/hadoop/conf and /etc/hbase/conf under classpathAmbari,Zeppelin Advisor script error while saving changes via Ambari UIAmbari"META DATA STORAGE CONFIG" tab is disabled where druid db text box is available when superset is installed.Ambari,Druid server failed to load TimelineCachePluginImplAmbari,YARN